The family that paints together

Household recap:
Shawn (father/young adult)
Alisa (mother/young adult)
Ophelia “Fee” (girl #7/teen/blue)
Philomena “Mena” (girl #8/child/pink) – bad apple
Nicodemus (boy #6/toddler/sea foam)
Elias (boy #7/infant/grey)

To check up on those who’ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree.

Just updated yesterday, so I’m too lazy to do a lead-in. To the screenshots!

Turns out there’s a prom today. Fee has interacted with pretty much just the easel for her entire life, so I have her call over the one guy she went home from school with. I am completely blanking on his name, so we’ll just call him not-really-Chad. He’s acceptably cute, so Alisa slips her a couple Jars of Friendship since Fee seems to have some hidden socially awkward trait. She chucks one, interacts, chucks the other and bam.. they’re best friends. Not-really-Chad then immediately runs off, claiming work or something.  Oh well. At least she has a friend. Back to the easel until prom time, girlie.

Screenshot-1137Just a cute pic of my other favorite.. hehe..

Screenshot-1135The next few hours passed quickly and.. time for Prom!
Screenshot-1133Fee peeled herself away from her art, gussied up, and headed off to the dance.

I usually do a play-by-play, but hers was incredibly boring (full of “oh, wow, decorations!” and “everyone looks so nice dressed up!” and whatnot.) Three things of note happened.

1. She won Prom Queen (take THAT social awkwardness!)
2. She asked her crush for a dance, they said no and then made fun of her in front of everyone (I assumed this was not-really-Chad and was ready to kick his booty…until the next update)
3. Not-really-Chad revealed that he liked Fee a lot (romantic interest! Yay! I shoved them along to true boyfriend/girlfriend status the following day.)

Screenshot-1138As prom wrapped up, I got a notification that it was Nico’s birthday.

Screenshot-1139However, Elias came along and stole his thunder, aging up before Nicodemus could.

Screenshot-1143NOW it’s Nico’s turn.

He ages up into a handsome little boy, gaining the Bookworm trait and thus endearing himself to me even more. (Artistic, Excitable, Bookworm…if I were a sim I could totally see me having those traits.)

Screenshot-1154Alisa wastes no time with starting skilling for Elias. He gets a trip to the potty, and the second he’s off of it, she sits down there to teach him to talk.

Screenshot-1159Once he knows his basic words, it’s time to learn to walk (aww, and time for me to swoon over his face too. I’m a toddler-aholic. Plus, while I may be wrong, I’m pretty sure he’s the second to have daddy’s nose.)

Screenshot-1160Only one thing left to do…and by the end of this potty trip, he’s fully-skilled, and has time left to play before he needs to sleep.

Screenshot-1170I, um, took a picture of Mena. LOL I don’t remember why. Here it is anyway.

The next day was Fee’s young adult birthday.

Screenshot-1166As should be expected by now, she is beautiful, and I’ve completely forgotten the trait she rolled. I’ll try to make a note next time.

Screenshot-1173Her lifetime goal had been to max writing & painting. She had writing down since forever, and was SO close on painting. I had her chug a potion and head to the easel and.. well, here you see the proof that it maxed out her painting too. Since this was an hour after age up and thus still on the same day, I’m counting it as her having learned it by young adulthood. (Especially considering my teens get 7 days less than the typical “normal” setting lifespan.)

With her lifetime wish filled, I should kick her out immediately, but I love her and so I think I’m making her stay another day. At least to finish up the paintings she has started.

Screenshot-1175And since the potion did Fee well, I had Nico chug a potion as well before he climbed into bed. He maxed out the childhood cooking skill this way. He makes killer cupcakes now.. hehe..

Screenshot-1176Oh, and just in case you forgot, Elias is here, adorable, and autonomously skilling.

Screenshot-1177Mena is clearly working on being the favorite now as she is the only one who autonomously cleans.

Screenshot-1178Nicodemus is attempting to step in to fill Fee’s spot since he rolled the LTW of Illustrious Author as well. Learning writing will be no problem, thanks to tabcasts, and he does at least get a headstart in painting because he read all of the toddler painting books. So fingers crossed for him finishing this in time too!

Screenshot-1179Elias is getting a wee bit hungry. Not to worry, I’m sure there’s no lead-based paint on the wooden mallet he’s nomming.

Screenshot-1181Ah, this is why the parents aren’t heading his way with a bottle. LOL Alisa finished Fee’s portrait & Shawn swooped in to occupy her.

Screenshot-1182With the addition of Fee, we have our gallery room halfway complete!

The game said that today (a Monday) was supposed to be graduation & had the kids marked as having today off school, I assumed for the ceremony. I sent the simmies to the city hall to be ready for it there. There was no option to click to attend the ceremony though, even though other graduates showed up. So that’s why poor Fee doesn’t have a diploma or ribbon even though she’s in the house at graduation. She does have a bitchin’ graveyard poster though. I’m sure she’ll get someone’s diploma stuck at her spot. (Mostly that’s what I’ve been doing… the ones who are in the house at graduation day get the award ribbons, then their diplomas go in someone’s spot, since they did all graduate and all diplomas look the same.)

Screenshot-1162And I’ll finish this out with an opinion gathering session. Right now the prom photos are here, in the study. Of the 12 kids who’ve reached YA, 7 have gone to prom. I expect the ratio will stay pretty close to 50% like this. Should I keep the prom pics up here or move them down to the kids’ shelves in the gallery room? If it affects answers, the gallery is where I put prom crowns (and field trip souvenirs, along with graduation stuff & the YA portrait).

3 thoughts on “The family that paints together

  1. somebodysangel13 January 16, 2018 / 9:24 am

    Ooh, writing tabcasts, I totally forgot the kids can listen to those too! Will have to invest in some tabcasts for the kiddies. And what potions are they chugging? Skill boosters?

    How long is your teen stage? My teens all get a prom, some have even had two, in their 14 days.


    • snazzle January 16, 2018 / 5:38 pm

      Skill boosters, or the potent “enlightenment” one where they learn something while they sleep.

      My teen stage is just set to 7 days (one for each year from 13 to 19), but prom is every two weeksish it seems. If I had to guess, Elias will get a prom, Mena won’t. Nicodemus in the middle is a solid maybe.


  2. heatherfeather19 January 17, 2018 / 11:47 pm

    Awww, Fee is grown up! The first kid to look more like Shawn than Alisa.

    I kinda like the pictures being in the study, just so you can have some pictures of the kids in the house, not just the gallery.

    Liked by 1 person

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