Shawn picks a favorite

Household recap:
Shawn (father/young adult)
Alisa (mother/young adult)
Prairie (girl #6/teen/hot pink)
River (boy #5/teen/violet)
Ophelia “Fee” (girl #7/teen/blue)
Philomena “Mena” (girl #8/toddler/pink) – bad apple
Nicodemus (boy #6/toddler/sea foam)

To check up on those who’ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree.

Been a bit since I updated, mostly thanks to holidays/winter break meaning my non-pixel kiddos occupied my time. 🙂 But I’ve been playing and so let’s see if we can catch up to where I am in-game. It might take a couple updates.

We’ll jump right in with a poorly lit birthday! Here’s River. I can’t recall the reason he was outside when his time came around, but I shoved a floodlight over there so we could see him. At least Prairie’s inside so she can’t have worse pics.

Prairie: Challenge accepted. *stands facing a broken shower*
*sigh* I stand corrected.

Screenshot-1035Screenshot-1028Here we go, better pictures of them as young adults. River gains the Eccentric trait, and Prairie gains Easily Impressed. Since they had both wished to be Star News Anchors, I released them to the town immediately. Bye, kids!

Screenshot-1038Gratuitous “adorable toddler” shot of Nicodemus.

Around this time too Onyx & Ariana had a baby girl that they named Laurel, divorced (or Ariana started an affair), and got back to a steady relationship together.. all within like a 24-sim-hour period.

Screenshot-1040One more Nico pic. *hehe* I love toddlers. Okay babycakes, go skill something.

Screenshot-1042Shawn picked up a crying-about-being-tired Mena and rather than put her in the crib, he decided to rock with her. I think someone’s gonna be a daddy’s girl.. my bad apple may end up growing up well since my sims all love on her tons anyway. 🙂 I imagine school starting will be the real trick.

Screenshot-1043Alas, sweet toddler cuddles can’t last forever. Daddy has to run off to work.

Screenshot-1044Sh-poof.. full alchemy skill!

Screenshot-1045Aww, two of my favorites. ❤ Fee emerges from behind her easel to tote Nicodemus to bed.

Screenshot-1084Shawn got a promotion and has no chill about it.

And this evening, we remember that it’s Mena’s birthday! She sparkles and spins, and we get to roll for a trait for her. She gains Daredevil.

Screenshot-1090She didn’t turn out too bad. Like I mentioned before, I’m keeping bad apples in the clothes/hair they choose to age up in (unless it’s glitched) and just coloring them to fit their color. I’m so thankful she didn’t choose that really weird ponytail with the half-inch bangs from the base game.

Screenshot-1091And here we find the first drawback of bad appledom. It’s 11:30 on a school night, she’s thinking about how tired she is, but parks her butt on the sofa to watch TV.

Screenshot-1093I may not be able to tell her what to do, but DAD can.. and I can tell him what to do. So Shawn tries to look as stern as possible as he directs her to bed. She spins it right back on him by asking for a bedtime story.. which he agrees to. Yep, he definitely has a favorite. LOL

Screenshot-1094Alisa had been on her way to the Arboretum to turn in some items, when she suddenly had to pull over. As she horked all over the grass, she had a sneaking suspicion arise.
Alisa: “I’ve only felt like this 11 other times in my life. I wonder if I’m pregnant.”

Screenshot-1095Soon her suspicions were confirmed as she rubbed a still-mostly-non-existent bump in the pitch black of the night outside the arboretum.

Screenshot-1096The next day, even though we paid the bills when we got the pop-up, the repoman comes. He heads straight to the gym and takes away the dust-collecting machine. (Seriously, I don’t think anyone has ever used it. Shawn uses the treadmill.)

Screenshot-1097Still, look at that jerky little smirk. I just wanna smack the pudding right off that smug little face one.

Screenshot-1098Shawn settles in to do some working from home that afternoon. Mena gets home, sees this, and settles on the couch to do her homework.

Fee had gone home with a friend after school and I was so busy trying to watch that & get her to interact that I almost missed the delivery of baby #15! The Murdles are pleased to introduce their 7th little boy, Elias Murdle. I will need to check on his traits, but I do remember he likes the color grey. I also remember that I was too lazy to do anything about that while he was a baby, so enjoy the burrito.

I realized I had let Luca get away without painting his portrait (and without saving him to upload). So I invited him over to have Alisa paint him (and to save him for upload.. so he’ll be Luca Ellison-Murdle if you download him because he’d already gotten married.) Alisa kept starting lame portraits, but Luca & Nico were totally adorable together. 🙂

Screenshot-1115I finally had Fee do his portrait because Alisa’s were just all dark & gross.

Screenshot-1116I put her back on finishing up the twins’ portraits.

Screenshot-1119Mena continues to have  daddy wrapped around her finger.

And then, because it still bothered me that we had a picture with kids 7-12 but not with kids 1-6, Alisa arranged for them all to meet at the school to take a greeting card. Trixie ended up standing right in front of her parents and blocking them completely, but I kept it anyway.

I’ll call it here for now. More to come soon!



3 thoughts on “Shawn picks a favorite

  1. somebodysangel13 January 13, 2018 / 10:46 am

    Ooh, your first little bad apple is now all on her own. This is going to be interesting, like a little ISBI. I must remember to get some bad apples into my game, keep forgetting!

    I love the idea of a school greeting card, always forget those are an option!


    • snazzle January 14, 2018 / 6:26 am

      Yes, a baby step to an ISBI. LOL I’m such a micromanager that the next challenge I want to do is an ISBI, simply because I know it’ll be a huge challenge for me.

      I didn’t think about doing a greeting card until I stumbled into one with kids 7-12. I’m planning on doing one with each group of 6 kids. I don’t have Seasons so it has to be the cards at places (school, city hall, and.. um.. some other third place. LOL)


  2. heatherfeather19 January 14, 2018 / 6:39 pm

    Haven’t commented yet, just wanted to say that Alisa is so gorgeous! She and Shawn have made some pretty kids!

    It’s funny that Shawn’s favorite is the bad apple. XD And I wouldn’t worry about her. Kids do their homework autonomously so much you practically have to drag them away from it.

    Congrats on baby #15!

    Liked by 1 person

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