2 birthdays and an un-birthday

Household recap:
Shawn (father/young adult)
Alisa (mother/young adult)
Prairie (girl #6/teen/hot pink)
River (boy #5/teen/violet)
Ophelia “Fee” (girl #7/child/blue)
Philomena “Mena” (girl #8/toddler/pink) – bad apple
Nicodemus (boy #6/baby/sea foam)

To check up on those who’ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree.

Screenshot-966I clicked on Mena with the intent that Shawn would finish off her walking lessons. However, “Teach to Talk” was the only option left. Apparently I’ve been more on top of it than I thought. Anyway, so talking lessons were begun instead.

Screenshot-970This kid.. I swear she always seems drugged up. Couch potato trait maybe?

Screenshot-971Alisa takes over and the final skill is wrapped up in short order. Woot!

Screenshot-972Alisa works on her alchemy some more while I try to scour the town for those dang green swallowtail butterflies. I finally caved and spent her lifetime points on the collection helper so I can at least see where the insects are, but most of them seem to be ladybugs.

Screenshot-974Finally!! I finally found some! Alisa stood on the front porch, waiting on her teens to get home so that she could run out and catch those suckers without calling a baby sitter (dad was off at work).

Screenshot-976Straight from there to the elixir shop because it was the closest alchemy station. She mixed the elixir of youth…and got 2 of them! Woot! We put one up for sale and keep one for our own use,  and I have her head home.

Screenshot-977Look! Look at this painting that my amazing little Fee painted! It immediately gets hung over Nicodemus’ crib.

Screenshot-978Proof that my autonomous sims totally ignore that whole bad apple thing. 🙂 Someone’s always snuggling or picking up Mena. (And Shawn’s attempting to put Nico in Mena’s crib. No. Go put him in his room, under the gorgeous painting. Now.)

Screenshot-979Shawn is a giant pouty baby about having to follow this instruction.

Screenshot-986Time for a birthday!

Screenshot-988Fee hits her teen years and… gains the Never Nude Trait.

Screenshot-992S’okay, I love her anyway, despite the useless trait. LOL I think she’s pretty much Shawn but with mom’s nose (and of course the throwback blonde hair), but still.. never nude? I hope you get a good one next time. LOL

Screenshot-993And because Alisa was feeling particularly “old” what with the baby of her first half hitting her teen years, she decided to chug the Elixir of Youth. My goal is to have those be the only times we use Elixir of Youth and just do the rest of this on life fruit. She was just getting awfully close to adulthood (and my game is set that only young adults can get pregnant).

Screenshot-994A cute one of Mena.. though once again that drugged up look. Most of my tots have a kind of worried/whiny/begging face when they get put in the crib. Mena’s like “Alright, so this is what’s happening now.” LOL I’m going to catch an expression, darnit.

Screenshot-995Got a pop-up about Luca getting into a steady relationship, so I hunted her down. Ooh, I approve.

Screenshot-996And it’s time for burrito-to-tot transformation for Nicodemus! Now we wait for the glow (and the derp) to fade so we can see his face…

Screenshot-998Squeeeee! OMG, I’m just gonna roll him up and pop him in my mouth. Gah. He’s adorable.

Screenshot-999You’re a precious widdle boy, aren’t you Nico? Yes you are. *smooshes cheeks* It’s awfully early for me to guess at looks (I’m not great at it), but I think he’s gonna grow up to look pretty much exactly like mom. Even has her tanner skin.

Screenshot-1000And his first action as adorable toddler is to crap his pants, since I was busy sitting in camera mode and staring at him mode rather than actually getting on with training. LOL Big brother River autonomously swoops in to take care of Mr. Stinkybritches.

Prairie meanwhile scoops up Mena and they have a run in with The Claw. A-ha! She DOES have expressions.. LOL

Screenshot-1003Mom was busy, Dad was on the phone (chatting with Opal), so I had River start Nicodemus on the pottying.

Fee? Oh she’s still in her room, at her easel. It’s her happy place. She’s mastered the writing skill and is, I think, at 7 in painting. I’m hoping she’ll max it before YA.

Screenshot-1012Mom & Nico work on walking…

Screenshot-1016…and then talking. He manages to knock out all the toddler skills before even needing to rest.

And.. I think we should wrap up this chapter with some tot spam.

My babies! *wub*


One thought on “2 birthdays and an un-birthday

  1. somebodysangel13 December 28, 2017 / 12:57 pm

    Aw, ever get tired of toddler spam! Both these two seem to take after their mother quite a bit, especially the wide mouth – looks weird on the toddlers, but we know they grow into it well 🙂


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