And I thought mantails were bad

Household recap:
Shawn (father/adult)
Alisa (mother/young adult)
Onyx (boy #3/teen/yellow)
Opal (girl #5/teen/turquoise)
Luca (boy #4/teen/spiceberry)
Prairie (girl #6/child/hot pink)
River (boy #5/child/violet)
Ophelia “Fee” (girl #7/toddler/blue)

To check up on those who’ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree.

Screenshot-817Gonna start out this chapter with birthdays!

Opal went first, sparkling into young adulthood.

Screenshot-821Here she is. *sings* “Isn’t she lovely.. isn’t she wonderful..” Hehe, sorry. The majority of the kids have had dad’s mouth and I believe ALL the others have had mom’s nose. They’re fantastic too, but I’m excited to see that the dad’s-nose-mom’s-mouth combo melds just as nicely. She rolls for trait and adds Neat to her list.

Screenshot-822Onyx was hot on her heels

A little sparkle, a little spin

Screenshot-829Pretty sure this is what boy Piper would have looked like. *hehe* I gave him a bit of stubble, just to make him not quite so baby-faced. He rolled and adds Family-Oriented to his trait list. He had met his Lifetime Wish, but Opal’s not quite there (they both wished to max 3 skills). She’s close though, so they’ll both stick around until she can max that painting skill.

Screenshot-830Mom asked her mini if he’d like to learn to drive. He agreed, and off they went.

Screenshot-831Once again, she manages the entire learn to drive thing with no issues (unlike Shawn who always ends up with the kid being brought home by the cops, somehow..)

Screenshot-833Graduation happened right away. Remembering the tanked moods that we had last time, I went ahead and had this be the one ride that everyone took in the motive mobile for this life stage – except Luca, who had spent all night learning to drive, so his teen ride was done. He had to take his own taxi. I got them there early so that we could take a family greeting card photo at city hall (I tried last time but it just did not work with the zillion people). We got that done, then switched into the fancy duds as other graduates arrived.

Screenshot-836Onyx: “Woot! Graduating!”
Random dude: “Booo, male pattern baldness looks awful on old ladies!” (Seriously game, mantails are bad enough on the guys, why did you give that lady that obviously male hair?)
And also, look at Ariana on the right looking all sweet at Onyx as he cheers. ❤

Screenshot-838River comes out of the ceremony and is apparently a DJ now? LOL

Screenshot-839Just because Luca’s handsome.

Screenshot-840Prairie’s a looker too.

Screenshot-841And Opal is so psyched to get her diploma that she punches her sister through the face.
Both twins graduated with Highest Honors. Onyx was Valedictorian and voted Most Popular, Opal was voted Most Artistic. Seems about right.

Screenshot-837Here’s the greeting card photo with kids 7-12. 🙂 I may try to have her invite kids 1-6 out to attempt a photo with them too even though they’re big.

Screenshot-849That evening, my camera was already on Fee, because she’s adorable.

Screenshot-850Then she stood up and started the sparkle-butt spin. I’m gonna miss her little smushy face, but I’m excited to see her as a child.

Screenshot-853Almost as excited as she is to BE a child. LOL

Screenshot-852Awww, and she’s still a cutie! She rolled up Daredevil and had a face that begged for glasses. Now what’s everyone else doing that she had to age up with no fanfare from family?

Screenshot-855River & Prairie have been engrossed in a chess battle for a while. It’s nearing bedtime, so I don’t know that they’ll get to finish.

Screenshot-856Alisa & Opal work on the portraits that had gotten started this morning (and also work on their final painting points). Opal’s portrait of Onyx looks to be fab, Alisa’s of Opal looks a bit dark & wavy by comparison. We’ll let her finish and see.

Onyx is off collecting gems for Alisa to cut/consign, since he’s already met his LTW.

Shawn is, most likely, dancing.

Luca is staring at a wall and thinking of Luca.

Screenshot-858Check-ins on another day. Fee’s still being all cute, and trying to show off her amazing block tower to the absolutely no one that’s around to look. Don’t worry, cutie, I was watching.

Screenshot-859Alisa went to cut & consign all of the gems that Onyx had found and ran across Piper.
Piper: “Mom!” *double finger gun*
You know, just a typical greeting. LOL

Onyx has invited Ariana over.
Onyx: “You’re a Cancer? YES! My astrologist said that’s a perfect match for me! Uh, I mean, yeah that’s cool. Speaking of stars, did I mention that I discovered a new one a few days ago? I named it Ariana.”
Ariana: “You named it after me? *swoon*”
Onyx: “Of course, you were the loveliest thing I could think of.”
And.. that’s enough of the mushy gunk. We’ll leave them to it.

Screenshot-864And Shawn hits the top level of firefighter while out here working out. I do make him finish out the day before peacing out and finding a new job.

Screenshot-865Alisa cannot do a decent portrait of Opal to save her life. LOL Here are tries #3 and 4 (#2 also looked like poo. The first was the best, but still looked like crap next to the other portraits we have.

Screenshot-866I have Opal start on a still life version of a self-portrait as a back up plan. It will be composed differently than the others, but better than all wavy. I’ll let Alisa try one more time.

Screenshot-868And looks like the fifth time’s the charm. LOL I’ll let Opal sell her Opal portrait then. (I had let Opal join the artist career. Despite me keeping half of her paintings because I love them LOL, she’s at level 6.)

Screenshot-870And with that, Opal maxes her painting skill. It’s her third skill to be maxed and so it’s also her lifetime wish fulfilled. 🙂 As soon as she’s done this painting, she and Onyx will be released to the town. (And you can see one of Alisa’s crap tries at an Opal portrait. I made her finish them all anyway. Practice makes perfect? LOL)

Screenshot-871And here you can see the inaccessible basement gallery. The kids get their portrait here, any field trip souvenirs, the useless imaginary friend dolls that I don’t want them to get to LOL, award ribbons for those who are in the house at time of graduation, and diplomas (admittedly someone else’s, but they all look the same) for those who had already moved out at graduation. I also have the prom crowns down here for those who got those, and am trying to decide whether or not to move the prom pictures down here. A couple kiddos didn’t get a prom from the first batch of six, and at least half of this batch of six will miss it too. Right now the prom photos are up in the study. This room is made to house exactly 24 portraits, so any excess kids will end up with displays in the center of the room (photos rather than painted canvases for them, probably, but we’ll see.)

Screenshot-872In case you wondered what career Shawn had signed up for, it was the military career. I figured I’d go obvious, since he was already working on building up that athletic skill. It paid off – he got a promotion the first day. This, of course, was cause for celebration – he headed straight home to dance his cares away.

Late that afternoon, the homework train was chugging through town. Fee was getting help from mom, River was over at a friend’s ignoring her and finishing his work, and Prairie had brought home a friend and they were working together. Luca had already finished his and was chatting.

Onyx wrote while Opal put the finishing touches on that painting.

Screenshot-881Hey look, River found the girl he went home with – she looks to have promise. (This is Margarita.. pretty sure he’s gone home with her before.)

Screenshot-882Finally the giant painting is done, and as Fee takes to an easel, Opal calls to find a place for herself & her twin to call their own. (Fee had rolled up “Illustrious Author” wish almost immediately on aging up to child. Maybe because of all the books she read? Dunno, but I locked it in. I’m going to see how quickly I can get that one. My painters seem to gain so slowly compared to painters in others’ games. At least she got a bit of a head start.)

Screenshot-883Opal: “Well Onyx, are you sad to be leaving?”
Onyx: “Nah, the computer broke here. Let’s roll.”

Screenshot-884I am a toddler-aholic, and so I like to try and pan and see the newly aged up babies whenever I can. When I clicked on this notification (for a toddler girl I might add), I found that my game is not just reserving male pattern baldness for the old ladies, but thinks it looks grand on the preschool crowd too.

Screenshot-885I didn’t have time to fix poor Baby Baldy there because my camera was yanked back home, where Prairie was breaking her knee. Er, having a birthday. Sorry for forgetting your birthday, little twins!

Screenshot-889And just to spite me, she aged up stinking gorgeous, and rolled up a trait that I can’t remember either. Friendly maybe?

Screenshot-892I went to hunt the house for River but didn’t see him. I clicked on him only to find I had still left him with Margarita. And apparently Margarita has the same birthday as he does, as she’s the teen in the background. (I was never so excited to see pigtails.. anything beats the Friar Tuck ‘do on a girl.)

Screenshot-897I rather like his looks as well. He rolls up Vehicle Enthusiast. I hope Margarita’s willing to compete with his car for attention. LOL

Screenshot-899Shawn (who has max handiness), whines about the broken dishwasher as he passes by and does nothing about it.

Screenshot-900Which is okay, because I’m pretty sure I heard chimes a couple hours ago 😉 and so I send the invincible Alisa to do the job.

Aaand, there we go. All caught up. 🙂 (Well, except for the points, but I’ll get to that. I may just do them on their own page so I don’t have to fuss each chapter.)

2 thoughts on “And I thought mantails were bad

  1. somebodysangel13 December 19, 2017 / 11:03 am

    OMG, the bald girls, what is going on with your game? I have never seen that before. Mantails and the long messy hair, yes.

    At least the kids are gorgeous. And I love your portrait room; I should make a room instead of a hallway, it’s getting too long to show everything.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Livvielove December 24, 2017 / 7:01 am

    Finally all caught up! What an adorable family! I’m really overdue to start counting my points but I keep putting it off for “tomorrow.” I love Fee!
    Your portrait room is also stellar! Keep going, you’re really making insane progress!

    Liked by 1 person

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