But I was dancing

Household recap:
Shawn (father/adult)
Alisa (mother/young adult)
Onyx (boy #3/teen/yellow)
Opal (girl #5/teen/turquoise)
Luca (boy #4/child/spiceberry)
Prairie (girl #6/child/hot pink)
River (boy #5/child/violet)
Ophelia “Fee” (girl #7/toddler/blue)

To check up on those who’ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree.

Updates are coming a bit slower because 1) holidays, and 2) playing is more fun than updating at the moment. I have have enough pics to do 2 updates, I think.We’ll see.

When last we left off, the kids were heading to school. After making sure they all went, I panned over to check on Shawn at his new job. He had seen many kitchen fires in his work and so he decided to join up with the non-volunteer fire department.

Screenshot-764Shawn himself was just working on the fire truck, which is both boring and difficult to photograph. However, it would appear that his son-in-law Damian (married Trixie) also works here, and was having a heck of a time figuring out the fire pole.

Screenshot-765Mom works on skilling Fee.


Half the kids went home with someone after school. River went to the house of Margarita (apparently I will remember a name if it’s also an alcoholic beverage). Luca went to hang out with.. Vampirina. (She did not have a drinky name, so she gets stuck with an obvious nickname thanks to one of my niece’s favorite shows.) Onyx had brought home his girl Ariana, and Opal went over to someone’s house. No picture of that though because I got the popup reminding me it was prom, so I sent her home.

Screenshot-767Onyx gets a shot in the backyard all dolled up, while we wait for Opal to make her way here.

Screenshot-771Opal got there just as the limo pulled up. She switched into her clothes, but wasn’t able to cue the limo ride. Boo.

Screenshot-773Still, at least I was able to get a couple pictures of her in the yard too. (And in the background of this one, you can see Fee mastering walking.)

Screenshot-774So Onyx & Ariana arrive at school in the limo, with Opal following behind in a taxi. Onyx is probably excited about the idea of hearing anything but the kids station that his dad always flips it to. LOL

And now, on to the prom notifications, lovingly typed out here because I can’t bother to figure out that whole screenshot thing.

-Onyx was doing the funky chicken when Ariana asked him to go steady. (Onyx clicked the checkmark.)
-Opal was challenged to a dance battle. Of course she won and the challenger was not happy about it. A fight broke out! Sore losers never prosper. (And I’m sure Shawn high fived her for the dance battle victory.)

-Opal was minding her own business when someone decided to step on her foot. Opal was furious and a fight broke out! (Again with the fight, Opal.)
-Ariana heard Onyx had never been kissed, so she asked the band to plant the spotlight on them and Ariana kissed him! (My second thought was “Aww, a steady gal AND a first kiss, Onyx is having a great prom!” My first thought was “Why did she ask the BAND to run the lights? Aren’t they busy with instruments?”)

-Onyx convinced the entire school to vote for him for Prom King. It’s dubious whether he should be proud of his victory but A for effort. (I dunno, isn’t that how elections are done? Sounds like a solid win to me.)
-Opal was deemed Prom Queen. She thanked everyone and started talking about how what she really wants is world peace. (I’m betting her classmates found this difficult to believe since she was at the center of two fights in the first hour of Prom.)

-Opal’s prom picture is awesome! (Uh, good to know.)
-Onyx and Ariana were inseparable. They are definitely hitting it off and are possibly the cutest couple at the dance. (I know looks aren’t everything, but it means so much to hear an unbiased popup tell you that “your” baby is cute.)

-Opal marched right up to her crush and asked for a dance. Her crush didn’t even acknowledge her and walked the other way! (Ugh, you don’t need them anyway.)
-Onyx is having a great time and is starting to have strong feelings for Ariana. (Um, duh. They’re, like, a thing now. Ever since the beginning of Prom.)

-Oh Opal hopes they play her favorite song! (World peace and her favorite song. Girl has big dreams for this prom.)
-Ariana has been getting Onyx punch all night and making sure he’s having a good time. Ariana’s attention to detail is making a good impression on Onyx. (Stahp guys, it’s too much.)

–Onyx is having a great time and is starting to have strong feelings for Ariana. (Again. Still.)
-Oh no, Opal saw someone else wearing the same dress! (Ah, but did a fight break out?)

-Onyx definitely impressed Ariana with the chicken dance. Ariana started doing it too! This duo is definitely hitting it off! (So I gathered.)
-Opal hates herself for asking a classmate to dance. Her crush not only said no, but also made fun of her in front of everyone. (Grrr.. gimme a name and I’ll invite them over to see our new shed. The one with the door that disappears.)

And so endeth the prom. Onyx had a fab time, Opal.. well that could have gone better.

Screenshot-775Nothing much happened at home during prom, except Alisa painting the portrait that just makes me think of the 9th Doctor. Not sure what he’s doing at a farm, saving the world I reckon.

Screenshot-776In the morning, River autonomously cleans the toilet (look, new favorite child!)

Screenshot-778The kids all get ready for the day and settle in at the block table before school starts.

Screenshot-781Fee’s still resting.

Screenshot-779Alisa and Opal continue to work on upping their painting skill

Screenshot-780Onyx clears away the dishes that no one else could be bothered to wash. (Bam, new favorite again. LOL Whoever does autonomous cleaning gets to hold the favorite child title, especially since we can’t get a maid.)

Screenshot-782As the kids run off to the school bus, Shawn touches his hairy-knuckled feet to the ground as he gets up to head to work at the station.

Screenshot-786Baby’s up.. time to squee over Fee!

Screenshot-787These kids don’t count on their parents to make after-school snacks.


And since she’s done with xylophone and peg box, she’s been working on books most of the day. Ugh. Look at that widdle face! *smush*

Screenshot-790And, much like a real toddler, she cries because she’s tired, but also is concerned when put in the crib. (Though unlike a real toddler, she lays down and goes to sleep anyway. LOL)

Somewhere around here, we got notice that Trixie had a second child – another boy – named Cesar.

Screenshot-796Luca (and his perfect caramel brownies) max out the child cooking skill.

Screenshot-798He was playing with River & Prairie when.. time for a birthday!

Screenshot-800Screenshot-802Ta-da! Looks quite a bit like mom (not enough to be a clone, but still.. way more mom than dad). He rolled and added Lucky to his traits.

Screenshot-806Fee took a break from books and headed over to join the big kids at their block table.

Screenshot-809Prairie, 10th child of this family, becomes the FIRST to ask for a bedtime story if you can believe that.
Prairie: “Daddy, I’m tired, could you read me a bedtime story?”
Shawn: “But.. I was dancing..”
For goodness sake, the dancing will wait. This is your BABY.
Shawn: “Fine. Sure.”
Prairie: “Yay!” *changes into jammies, runs off to bed*

Screenshot-810And there she waited while Shawn… did nothing. She eventually got out of bed and scowled at the back of his head. Shawn gave no effs. Apparently a man’s dancing time is sacred. I dunno though, if I were him, I’d be afraid to go to sleep with the look on her face.


And who does NOT have an “I will be putting thumbtacks in your dancing shoes” look on her face? Baby Fee of course. Reading and looking adorable are her two biggest pastimes.

Screenshot-815Onyx found a star and named it after Ariana, fulfilling a wish he’d had since after the Prom success.

Screenshot-816And for now I leave you with River putting himself back in favorite child position by cleaning the other toilet and then recycling the paper.

(Am tired and will add points up later. I think it may just have been the fully skilled toddler anyway.)

One thought on “But I was dancing

  1. somebodysangel13 December 16, 2017 / 9:47 am

    Aw, Fee is so freaking adorable! And LOL at Shawn with the pouty face, “no bedtime story, I’m DANCING!”

    I agree with you about the holidays and playing being more fun, off to start up my game now!


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