Everyone gets a birthday


Just a fair warning that that’s mostly what this chapter is.. passing time while everyone has birthdays. It’s also long, because I played a lot before stopping to update.

Household recap:
Shawn (father/adult)
Alisa (mother/young adult)
Onyx (boy #3/child/yellow)
Opal (girl #5/child/turquoise)
Luca (boy #4/toddler/spiceberry)
Prairie (girl #6/toddler/hot pink)
River (boy #5/toddler/violet)

To check up on those whoโ€™ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree.

Screenshot-637Prairie and River aged up at the very end of last update, so we start out this time with the parents knocking out potty training..


Then they got a start on walking, until they were too whiny to continue. The adults I mean. They were hungry, tired, and decently smelly as well. So the tots were released to the skill objects while the grownups grabbed a snack and a bit of a nap.

Screenshot-641The next day was Friday, so we got a start on some wishes after school. Onyx wished to write a novel (and had a second wish for it to be worth at least $30 in royalties).

Screenshot-642Alisa squeezed in some time with Luca, whose birthday would be coming soon.

Screenshot-643Opal had wished to search for fairies. She didn’t find any, but did manage to nab some fairy dust. She headed home as the sun was setting.

Screenshot-644I know this isn’t Sunset Valley, but I still kind of love scouting around the town at sunset. So pretty.

Screenshot-645And our house with the pretty mountains in the back. In the right corner you can see about half of the newly enlarged garden. Alisa has managed to get the cheese plant, the patty plant, and the steak plant, so our little one wasn’t cutting it anymore. I want to keep it at just enough space to plant two of almost everything.

Screenshot-646Camera zips over to Luca. I remembered it was his birthday up until that whole “oooh, the sunset! Pretty!” thing totally distracted me. The forgotten middle child cheers for himself from within the potty chair.

Screenshot-647One final tot shot of Luca

Screenshot-650Because he’s a big guy now! His trait roll means our little sweetie adds Computer Whiz to his list. That’s a new one for this family.

Screenshot-651Mom & dad missed Luca’s age-up because they were busy knocking out the end of walking for the little twins. As Luca aging up well left an empty slot for Alisa, she rolled a wish to have a new baby.


Luca takes off to do some muffin baking, then addresses the royal court after his successful first attempt.

Screenshot-654Aaaand.. bam. Onyx masters the writing skill. 1 down, 2 to go. He’s the first out of his twin group to max a skill, but his other two skills are lagging farther behind than Opal’s, so it’s still anybody’s race. (Um, I mean, just have fun kids.. no need to be competitive.)

Screenshot-657Alisa has finished teaching River to talk and is currently wrapping up with Prairie.

Screenshot-661Alisa: “There! Done! A set of twins totally trained, and now I’ll plunk down a dollhouse here for them to fill their social because I love them so.”
And now she can largely ignore them for 3.5 days except for some help with entering/exiting cribs, and to chuck bottles at them now and then. And…she rolls a want to have a baby with Shawn. I lock in that one next to the plain “have a baby” wish and continue to wait. I’m attempting to spread them out more than I did our first 6. LOL


A glorious weekend day, so I set the kids to fulfilling some wishes. Onyx is fishing in the backyard. Opal wanted to swim in the ocean. And Luca becomes the first kid to wish to actually do something with the bake stand.. he’s off to the park to try to sell a baked good.


Prairie and River are still here and adorable.

Screenshot-670Luca’s still waiting. He samples the goods. Quality control, of course.

Screenshot-671Onyx invites over his friend from last update, girl-with-an-A-name. The majority of the reason is so that I can learn her name. It’s Ariana. They commence to being cute together and he hits that lofty best friend wish he’s had since he first met her.

Opal is escaping my photos. She’s always at an easel.

Here you see Shawn, celebrating his achievement of becoming a 5-star chef. I like to imagine that he was calm & collected inside when he received the news, and then came out here and cheered like a fool. LOL Anyway, this was not just maxing a career, it was hitting his lifetime want too. ๐Ÿ™‚


FINALLY. A sale. We wasted most of the day on that stupid wish. Note to self-do not lock that one again if it comes up. The people of this town have no soft spot when it comes to adorable children or baked goods. And I sent him on home.

Screenshot-679And he gets there just in time to see his older siblings age up. Poor only-child Ariana is trying her darnedest to ignore all the chaos and hub-bub happening at the moment while her bud Onyx sparkles & spins.

Screenshot-683Not too shabby! He rolled a trait, I forgot it, there’ll be a next time for me to remember. He gained the Genius trait, which means mom likely had a wish for him to do so.

Screenshot-685Immediately after that was Opal’s turn

Screenshot-694She rolled a trait, but I remember hers. She got Flirty. A Flirty, Rebellious teen. I’m already worried. LOL

Screenshot-684And where was dad during these momentous birthdays? Dancing, of course.
Shawn: “Every day I’m smustlin’…”

Alisa: “Excuse me, Writer. I’ve wished for a baby. I’ve cleared up confusion by wishing for Shawn’s baby. In case you’re an idiot who doesn’t know how that happens… I WISH TO WOOHOO WITH SHAWN.”

Fine. Get to it. But if he’s pouty about being made to leave his dancing, that’s on you.

(spoiler: He was not at all pouty. LOL)


Bahahaha.. I went to try to take decent pictures of the twins. These are the faces they were giving when I paused the game. *snort* So wonderfully awkward.

Screenshot-699And then they started chatting & laughing, and Luca tried to sneak in on the action. Poor little guy, stuck between two sets of twins.

Screenshot-701Okay, slightly better shot of Onyx. (Ariana had left to go home…because she ages up tonight too, and I just couldn’t be bothered to buy a cake and do her a party here.)

Screenshot-700And Opal. Who I’m still having a fun time looking at just because she’s got a Different Nose. LOL



Little twins are still here, still adorable. They use the dollhouse together to up their social, and they max both skill objects around this point I believe. This leaves them a decent chunk of time still as toddler-age to just read.

Screenshot-711I wonder what this could mean?

Screenshot-712Oh. My. Such surprise. Many shock. WoW.

Alisa: “Honey? I’ve got something to tell you. We’re gonna have –”
Screenshot-714Shawn: “Another baby? I was hoping so. I approve this news.”

Alisa wishes for a girl, and so Shawn wishes for a boy for possibly the first time. LOL Oh well, one of them will be happy. (And just one, because that’s all the space my house has.) The other one will be eventually happy. LOL

Screenshot-716I sent Alisa to consign some stuff. I went to check on her, and she had found Holden (who is now her same age, to the day) and they were busy Talking About Family. ๐Ÿ™‚

Screenshot-717Alisa: “So since I last saw you, you’ve gotten a new little brother, River.”

Holden: “Ah, so Luca wasn’t the last? I was kind of thinking you might stop now that you have grand kids…”

Screenshot-718Alisa: “Heh, did I mention there was a girl too? Prairie is River’s twin, and they’re just both so adorable. Just as adorable as I’m sure your Aubrey is. And your sisters’ boys. And this new one that I’ve got on the way…”


Back at home, Alisa goes into labor. She opts for a home birth in the nursery. Late that night, baby Ophelia is born. And she is instantly referred to as “Fifi” or even just “Fee” in my head and therefore likely in the story as well, because there are already two O names in the house. Fee was Artistic and Friendly, and she loves blue which is fun and looks pretty precious with what appears to be blond hair again. She is also amazing because she was born at like 11 at night, so when she’s only an hour old, it flips her over to being one day away from aging. LOL Took me 12 babies, but I’ve finally had the obvious thought – have the founders baby dance in the evening so you’re not stuck with a burrito for quite as long. Plus… theoretically, we’re half-done now!

Screenshot-724In the morning, the twins head off for their first day of high school and Luca is excited for his first day of school ever.

Screenshot-725Napping before another round of reading for these guys.

Screenshot-726Daddy notices he has a baby girl

Screenshot-727Fifi’s quick to steal her daddy’s heart, and rather than set her back in the crib to nap, he rocks her to sleep.

Screenshot-728Alisa makes this painting, which the game deems just normal, but I rather love. She’s also now high enough that she can do the portraits, so we don’t have to keep a kid in the house longer than needed.

Screenshot-731And then, in the wee hours of the morning, Onyx gets brought home by the police. GAH! He was sent out with Shawn, to Learn to Drive. Each time Shawn has taken a kid out to drive, somewhere during it, they actually hop out and they walk to different lots, but the “learn to drive” action is still up at the top. Alisa managed to teach Opal over the weekend with zero issues, but Shawn mucked it up again. I have Alisa let Onyx off the hook, and she finishes teaching him.


Still here, still cute. A little snack before returning to their books (I think they’re both on their fourth book.)

Screenshot-735Luca still keeps wishing to sell baked goods. I let him bake them often at least. They take forever to sell, even checking the bake report and pricing them stupid low.

Screenshot-736Sims hands get so mangled when holding a baby up for a diaper change.

Screenshot-738Murdles, the Next Generation update: Briar (who apparently decided to rock her work beanie for her whole pregnancy) had a baby girl, Leah. First grand daughter. ๐Ÿ™‚

Screenshot-740Super giddy toddler can only mean one thing:

Screenshot-743Birthday time!

Screenshot-747He’s still a cutie. He rolls and adds Virtuoso to his traits.

Screenshot-748Prairie’s turn to sparklebutt around..

Screenshot-752She ages into a pretty little thing, and gains the Eco-Friendly trait.

Screenshot-753River ran off as his twin aged up so he could go and joke with Luca. Maybe Luca won’t be so alone after all.

Screenshot-756And.. one more birthday! Baby Fee ages into toddlerhood just as the twins are leaving it.

Screenshot-757And.. oh man, I love her. Olive green eyes from dad’s side, mom’s skintone, and that throwback blond hair.

Screenshot-759There will be so many pictures of her. LOL

Screenshot-760The little twins started logic pretty high, and then loaded up a logic tabcast in the morning before heading to school.

Screenshot-762Onyx meanwhile got a call from Ariana, asking him to prom (which is tonight). I had made a point to not fuss with seeking out dates, but this one came to him, so we said yes. ๐Ÿ™‚

Screenshot-763And then he and Prairie race to the school bus. It looks like it’s a tie. It also looks painful.

And there’s where we leave it.

Point Tracker:
(+565 is where we left it last time)
+30 for a countable child born
+15 for a fully-skilled countable toddler
+15 for a fully-skilled countable toddler
+30 for Founder’s LTW achieved (Shawn: 5-Star Chef)
+20 for 1st career maxed (culinary)

Total: +675

2 thoughts on “Everyone gets a birthday

  1. somebodysangel13 December 12, 2017 / 5:34 am

    LMAO, Shawn and the dancing. I think he’s secretly a fairy. And Alisa with the baby wishes – Cristina keeps doing the same thing to me!

    Ooh wow, you’re halfway there already, well done! Love baby Fee, such a cutie!

    Liked by 1 person

    • snazzle December 14, 2017 / 2:27 pm

      He joined us with the Party Animal trait, which is what’s doing it I think (though he never wishes for actual parties.. just goes off and dances LOL), but if fairies like dancing, maybe I’ll turn him into one. It would be one way to get him to stick around for 12 more kids.

      Liked by 1 person

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