They grow up so fast

Household recap:
Shawn (father/elder)
Alisa (mother/adult)
Ash (bonus boy/young adult/green)
Brittany (Ash’s wife/young adult)
Boone (bonus boy/teen/yellow)
Persephone (girl #12/teen/lilac)
Cora (Ash’s daughter/infant/purple)
Delilah (Ash’s daughter/infant/lime)

To check up on those who’ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree. Also, if you find yourself wanting a Murdle of your very own, up top at the Family tab is where you can grab .sim downloads of them once they hit young adult. 🙂

Last time, prom went swimmingly for Boone & Persephone (and dates), Brittany gave birth to Ash’s twins, and then Ash & Brittany had a lovely beach wedding. Then I took a huge break to do a new story during September (it’s still in progress; you can check it out here: We’ve Got Spirits ). I’m back to wrap up the Murdles because they really are thisclose to being done.
Screenshot-2962Ash and Brittany come home from their beach wedding and immediately dote on their girls. (Delilah is the redhead held by Ash, Cora has dark hair and is in Brittany’s arms.)

Screenshot-2964It’s time for Boone’s birthday, which I forgot. It’s also a full moon, which I forgot. He was outside on the telescope, and I forgot. Random zombie tries to attack.. thankfully the birthday celebration action takes precedence.

Screenshot-2968Newly young adult Boone tosses a cocky look at the zombie creeper.

Screenshot-2967Here’s the requisite in-stylist-mode pic of Boone. He honestly doesn’t look much different, and I can’t recall what trait he got (this was from gameplay this summer). I’ll update when I upload him to the family tab.

Screenshot-2Ah yes, twin infants. Both squalling. Sounds to me like they both need some cake too.

Screenshot-3And so off they go to be aged up as well.



Screenshot-9Better pic of Cora. Apparently did not get an un-crosseyed pic of Delilah.

Screenshot-13Brittany took Cora off to start learning to walk

Screenshot-14While Ash did the same with Delilah

Screenshot-15Persephone is spending her final days building her sculpting skill.

Screenshot-16Screenshot-17Grandma Alisa is fantastic about keeping those girls on the same schedule. (She’s putting Delilah to bed too, not waking her up.)

Screenshot-18Ash is out fishing.

Screenshot-24After the girls’ rest, Alisa teaches Cora to talk (man does this girl look like her daddy or what?)

Screenshot-21Shawn works with Delilah

Screenshot-28Yay girls! Hygiene and cleanliness are both important!

Screenshot-25Ash.. still fishing. Our backyard pond is stocked with deathfish thanks to him, so he’s building himself up the ranks of fisherman. I think he’s at 9. I don’t think he’ll reach 10.

Screenshot-193The girls can talk, so the grandparents swap kids and finish out the walking skill.

They had already learned to potty thanks to grandma shoving them back on the seat until they figured it out. LOL

Screenshot-194Glitched up Brittany is leveling painting. I have her change clothes after this and she’s fine. I wish I could figure out what it is that gives me the “basement cat” sims like this. None of her outfits in CAS look to have CC in them.

Screenshot-195Persephone starts a new sculpture.

Screenshot-197My last needed Murdle heading off to her final day of school.

Cora loves her imaginary friend. I leave her to it because I won’t be having to deal with it as she ages. LOL

Screenshot-199Delilah thinks this sheep is the bomb diggity.

Screenshot-201To bed with the both of them.

Screenshot-204Persephone wraps up her second sculpture – this giant head that turned out to be worth $20 or something. Pretty sure that much clay would be worth more than that in materials alone.

Screenshot-205No time to carry on though.. it’s birthday time for the baby of the family!

Screenshot-206*horns of celebration*

Screenshot-207*clapping because he doesn’t have to raise any more children*

Persephone as a young adult.

She gave this face just after discovering that being grown up means you’re gonna make your own food if you’re hungry. LOL (Seriously, she aged up, whined about hunger, I directed her to cook, and she gave me this shocked look. Ah, baby-of-the-family problems.)

Screenshot-210And Persephone’s official young adult pic. Like Boone, she got a trait. Also like Boone, I don’t recall it. I’ll add it when I upload her. 🙂

Screenshot-211Screenshot-212Pics of the toddlers cuz they’re adorable.

Screenshot-213And Brittany is chained to the easel until she wraps up Persephone’s portrait.

At this point, my Murdle challenge is technically done. 12 boys & 12 girls have been raised (plus some bonus kids). However, I’m sure I’ll make one more post. My own goal has been to have each of the Murdle 2.0’s have at least one child (and beyond that was totally up to SP). I imagine I’ll post up pics of what all the Murdle descendants look like. May upload one or two of my faves for use in We’ve Got Spirits. This challenge was fun for me, but after the first 12 or so kids, I definitely was ready to move on to a new set of parents. I love seeing the way genetics blend in TS3, and so having just the same two parents the whole time wore on me after a bit. Though it did shock me just how dominant some features seemed to be (like I think there was something ridiculous like 5 out of 28 kids that got Shawn’s nose.) I started out trying to keep score but.. enh.. I like it better without points. 🙂

Lovey-dovey stuff

Household recap:
Shawn (father/elder)
Alisa (mother/adult)
Ash (bonus boy/young adult/green)
Brittany (Ash’s fiance/young adult)
Boone (bonus boy/teen/yellow)
Persephone (girl #12/teen/lilac)

To check up on those who’ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree. Also, if you find yourself wanting a Murdle of your very own, up top at the Family tab is where you can grab .sim downloads of them once they hit young adult. 🙂

Last time, Hemlock annoyed me so I married him out, prom coming up meant the teens set about hunting up dates, and Ash had a weird bout of jealousy from nowhere.. that he got over with the help of some moodlet managing from Shawn (and therefore he proposed to girlfriend.) Hookups all around. This time we’ll have that prom, and I’ll continue to try and remember what was going on in the screenshots from 3 months ago.

Screenshot-2908Screenshot-2909And we’ll start it off with Prom!  Look at my lovely babies. ❤

Screenshot-2910Screenshot-2912Randal showed up at the house… and then stayed, watching the tv rather than getting into the limo to go to prom. At least you can see the non-vamped cuteness.

Screenshot-2911Shawn’s daycare day is wrapping up, but vampire baby is staying late.

In Prom updates:
-While Boone was slow dancing, Julie looked into his eyes and asked Boone if he wanted to go steady! (I clicked the checkmark.)
-The lighting was right and the mood was perfect. Randal asked Persephone if she wanted to go steady! (Apparently by text, as his cheeks are still warming up the Murdle couch. Still… yes she does.)

Screenshot-2913And as if finally realizing he should be at prom with her, Randal stands up and is all “Looks like it’s time to leave.” and bolts out the door. LOL Better late than never.

Screenshot-2915Also, Brittany popped out of work early, which can only mean one thing.. belly pop! Whee! A tiny Ash is incoming.

Okay, back to prom.
-Boone was dancing with Julie to the most romantic song. Julie pulled him close and planted a big one right on the lips! (Go Julie! Boone’s been wishing for that. 🙂 )
-and not to be outdone, Randal throws the same notification as Julie did. Well, with Persephone.

Poor exhausted old man Shawn dings level 3 in the daycare career after staying late with his vampire great-grandaughter. Granddaughter Genevieve tells him he’s “rad” for keeping the kid late. And I cracked up at the look on his face when she said that. Like “Girl, I am old. Get your kid right away.” LOL (Shawn has the death flower in his inventory at this point. No way am I risking losing the game from him croaking of old age when I’m so close to finishing the challenge.) As a reward for hitting level 3, he’ll now be allowed to care for FOUR younglings. LOL
Shawn: “I just want sleep.”

Screenshot-2920-Boone boogied to the stage to accept his crown and suggested to everyone that the school needed a prank! The chaperones were not too happy with him! (And I think the punch might have been spiked as this does not sound like chill, slightly nerdy, Boone.)
-Persephone was the envy of all her friends! She was named Prom Queen! Be careful, a catfight might break out! (All exclamations! All the time!)
-Julie has been getting Boone punch the entire night and making sure he is having a good time. Julie’s attention to detail is making a good impression on Boone.
-Randal revealed that he likes Persephone a lot. Persephone was so happy that she couldn’t wipe the smile off her face.
-Julie revealed that she likes Boone a lot. His face bore a similarly un-wipable smile.
-Persephone and Randal were the dynamic duo of th dance. Everyone was copying their moves and checking out their styles. There is definitely some chemistry there!
-Boone is definitely impressing Julie with the chicken dance. Julie started to do it too! This duo is definitely hitting it off.
-Persephone is really charming Randal. He hasn’t left her side the entire evening! (Since he missed the first hour, it’s probably good. LOL)

All in all, a boring final prom for me, but a fantastic one for my babies.

Screenshot-2921So I check in with Ash, who is still happily fishing in the backyard. But what’s this in his queue? “Accuse of cheating”? Gah! Your PREGNANT FIANCEE came straight home from work (where the only bandmate she knows is her MOTHER) and has been painting the whole time. Why do you think she’s cheating? And why can this crappy action not be cancelled? I’m hoping that you forget about it when she goes into labor. You can just fish until then. 😛 Or maybe just a quick reset to fix you up. You’re not even a countable sim, so I feel no remorse about a cheat-y move if it works. 😉 (It does work! Yay!)

Screenshot-2923This was, I believe, Persephone hitting her lifetime want. She was busy upgrading the.. fireplace. With a hammer. Because Sims.

Screenshot-2924And busy at the easel is our resident preggo.
Brittany: “I call this ‘Womb With A View.’ It’s my baby’s first portrait.”

Screenshot-2925Here’s the new daycare kid. I took a pic. Chances are high that it’s a Murdle of some sort. Chances are even higher that I have no clue what relation or what her name is.

Screenshot-2927She gets potty trained (it’s the first thing I do with all the daycare kids), then they set about teaching the two yellow-shirt-tots to talk.

Screenshot-2926And because there aren’t enough younglings up in here, Brittany chooses this moment to drop the payload.

Screenshot-2931And because we have Ash, and Brittany, we follow the alphabet right along and here we see Cora. She has traits I’m sure, and appears to like purple (or maybe spiceberry.)

Screenshot-2930Oh yes, and because we had two spaces in the house at time of birth, of course the game filled them both up. Meet Delilah. She likes lime.

These two are fed & snuggled & settled into their cribs by their parents.. who then leave, because what’s another couple kids when you’re already watching 4, right Shawn & Alisa?

Screenshot-2933But at least it was for a good reason. ❤ Ash & Brittany headed off to the beach to get married by the light of the setting sun. I will now bombard you with photos from that, because I went a little screenshot crazy. Feel free to just skip the rest of this update. It’s all just (gorgeous!) photos (of my favorite, even despite the stupid glitchy jealousy that at least went away after reset.)

Wuv… twue wuv.. hehe..

And I think we’ll call it there. I’ve certainly assaulted you with enough pics. 😉

Final countdown

Household recap:
Shawn (father/elder)
Alisa (mother/adult)
Hemlock (boy #12/young adult/orange)
Ash (bonus boy/young adult/green)
Boone (bonus boy/teen/yellow)
Persephone (girl #12/teen/lilac)

To check up on those who’ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree. Also, if you find yourself wanting a Murdle of your very own, up top at the Family tab is where you can grab .sim downloads of them once they hit young adult. 🙂

It has been roughly forever. I pulled up my blog and found this half-started post from early summer. Let’s see what the Murdles were up to a few months ago, judging by some pictures and some sketchy notes. Whee! On the up-side.. we’re so so so close to done with this challenge, and I already have another idea.’s SimNaWriMo month is September, and I’ll be doing that, either with my Jacobsen legacy, or with the new challenge. So that means the Murdles need to be all wrapped up this month. Shouldn’t be too hard.. the youngest ones are teens by the end of last update, and looks like there’s a prom up in here this time ’round. 🙂

Screenshot-2655Alisa is working on that inventing gig. Still. She keeps climbing ranks in that career, but her babies also keep aging up so she’ll likely not hit the top.

Screenshot-2654Ash is out back fishing. No shocker there. He’s always fishing. LOL If I remember right, his high school girlfriend hadn’t aged up yet, so it’s not like he has anything else to do. 😉

And speaking of girlfriends, our hopeless romantic Boone is on the lookout for one, seeing as we had gotten an alert about Prom. This is his friend Julie that he invited over. Isn’t she cute?

Screenshot-2657He thinks she’s pretty dreamy.

Screenshot-2658They chat for a bit..Screenshot-2660
..they go out to dinner and watch the stars. He asks if she’ll go to prom with him and she says sure.
Screenshot-2661Back at home, Hemlock is all “I can’t get to the bathroom because ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY NOTHING is in my way!” I have him use his happiness points on a motive mobile for himself and send him to his girlfriend’s house. LOL

Hemlock: “I am annoying the piss out of the Watcher ready to take our relationship to the next level. Will you marry me -” *waits while I check to see what her name was* “-Caitlin?”

She can’t turn down that face (thank God), so she accepts. They have a celebratory woohoo (so I can know there will be a spawn because all Murdle 2.0’s must have a child).

They immediately had a private ceremony at the lounge place, and I bid him farewell. Peace out, Hemlock. Alisa will be stuck doing our painting now, but at least she doesn’t whine about non-issues. LOL

Now that that’s done, let’s check back in with everyone else.
Still inventing.

Screenshot-2754Still fishing.

Screenshot-2753Searching the galaxy to make sure he and Julie aren’t star-crossed.

Screenshot-2752Being lovely

Screenshot-2756And dead to the world. Okay not DEAD like literally. Just figuratively. Literally he’s just “old and tired to the world” I guess.

Persephone went off to play a computer game and I had way too much fun watching her play her computer game. (Thank goodness no one was watching me play MY computer game and laughing about it.)

Screenshot-2761Ash: “Hey, Brittany, I heard you finally had your birthday. Wanna come over?”
Don’t let the pajamas fool you, it’s late afternoon. He was just up fishing all night, so he slept all day. LOL

Screenshot-2762She arrived and he auto walked up to her as I went “awww” in my head and settled back to see the lovey-doveyness.

Ash: “Oh no you didn’t!”
Wait, what? *checks queue* Accuse of cheating? Huh? She grew up two seconds ago. She hasn’t had TIME for any other romance.
Ash: “Only eyes for me huh? I saw you eyeing HIM when I walked up.”
Brittany: “Him who? The mailman? He delivers my mail too. Get a grip.”
I’m only guessing at what set him off. Her relationship panel shows nothing above friend with anyone but Ash. But now I have to wait until the grumpiness wears off before they can do relationship things.

Screenshot-2765New daycare day! No chance I know the names of the kids, but in front is one of Fee’s girls with her vampire baby.

Closer pics on the toddlers, complete with vampire great-grand-Murdle doing her best impression of the girl from The Ring. LOL

So, I may not be able to do romantic interactions between these two yet (Ash, you’re lucky you’re my favorite LOL), but they’re still happy with one another. So I had him ask her to move in. That way I can watch her (watch them both). She thought that sounded awesome, so we add Brittany to our house.

Screenshot-2777Speaking of romance, prom’s like tomorrow and Persephone still needs a date. I had her call up her two friends from school. Randal here was the only one that felt like coming over. He’ll do.

Screenshot-2779Aw, and she agrees. Heart-farts all ’round.
Persephone: “You have such a great smile.”
Randal: “Fangs, you like it?”
Heh.. I kill me.

Screenshot-2781Awesome joke potential aside, I couldn’t handle another forever-alive person in town. Also, Persephone doesn’t want some dude that’s gonna look younger than her in ten years time. So she forcefully chucks accidentally drops a potent cure potion at his feet after dinner.

Screenshot-2784He’s adorable un-vamped too (I’m sure there are pics in the light later on where you can see.) Persephone wastes no time.
Persephone: “So, are you married?”
Randal: “Well I’m 14, so.. no?”
P: “Excellent. Wanna go to prom?”
R: “Um, okay.”
Woot, all dated up.

Screenshot-2893And… look who can be romantical now! I finally remembered that Shawn had bought the mood manager thing. I had him “cure” the grumpiness from these two and it worked! Now if I could just get one of those mood managers in real life.. LOL

With the romantic choices back on the menu, I waste no time.

Thankfully, she accepts. They move inside to daydream and chat about the upcoming big day.

Screenshot-2903And stuff. 😉

And apparently prom will be next update because this one’s good enough. Thankfully prom is at least the part I wrote notes for, so.. half the work’s done. 🙂

So birthday. Much festive. Very celebrate.

Household recap:
Shawn (father/elder)
Alisa (mother/young adult)
Primrose (girl #11/teen/aqua)
Hemlock (boy #12/teen/orange)
Ash (bonus boy/teen/green)
Boone (bonus boy/child/yellow)
Persephone (girl #12/child/lilac)

To check up on those who’ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree. Also, if you find yourself wanting a Murdle of your very own, up top at the Family tab is where you can grab .sim downloads of them once they hit young adult. 🙂

Last time I tried desperately to remember what had been going on in my game when I took the screenshots. This time will be more of that. 😛

Behold, our beautifully balanced gallery. Each countable kid has a spot on the wall with a painted portrait. Mom & Dad are on the wall in the middle of the room. And then each of the bonus kids gets a table where I place a headshot photo taken with a cell phone.

I still haven’t looked, but I’m guessing one of Lakisha’s traits may be coward? She’s over here fretting about Bonehilda…and we don’t even have one.

Screenshot-2521One of the tots from last time grew up, so this cutie appeared instead. Might be Dexter’s kid? He had purpley eyes.

Screenshot-2522I figure I’ll move Lakisha out with Primrose soon (Prim’s LTW is a job one, so there’s no way I’m completing that for her), but in the meantime I send her to become a firefighter. Hm, so maybe there wasn’t a coward trait. (Or maybe there was and I just figured she could face her fear. LOL)

Screenshot-2523Aww, Ash. What’s wrong? Why so sad?Screenshot-2526Must have been because he wasn’t fishing yet. LOL

Screenshot-2527Boone. Srsly. Get a real friend. Don’t sneakily stay behind at school to whip this undeletable toy out.

Birthday time for Primrose!

Screenshot-2531Ta-da! Screenshot-2530
And the Stylist mode peek at young adult Prim proves she’s a looker. Mom’s eye & nose shape, dad’s face & mouth shape. She gains the Brave trait.

Screenshot-2533And then she whips around to cheer her triplet on.

Screenshot-2538Woot, way to age up, Ash!Screenshot-2536
Stylist mode pic of young adult Ash. I loves him so much. I’m pretty sure he’s just what Alisa would look like as a guy, but he’s got those crazy honey-colored eyes from somewhere way back (or just randomly, not sure.) He rolls and gets the Good trait.

Look, a picture of all the triplets. LOL Hemlock’s shoulder counts as being in the pic, right? (Not actually sure why I took this one, but here it is anyway.)

Screenshot-2540And finally Hemlock puts down his brush so he can age up as well. Mom bothers to cheer him on (she ignored the other two.)

Screenshot-2543And a trifecta of good-looking young adult Murdles is completed in one fell swoop.Screenshot-2541
Here’s his official picture. He too heavily favors mom. I gave him a little soul patch because he still looked like such a baby face. He rolled and gained the Technophobe trait. That’s okay, he only ever paints anyway.

Screenshot-2544And oh yeah. It’s Boone’s birthday too. He’s out on the porch star-gazing when the camera pans to him. I don’t even remember to put up the walls before taking the pic.

Screenshot-2546There we go, a teenage Boone. He gained the Hopeless Romantic trait. Poor thing.

Apparently his first act as teen was to head off and play whack a gnome.

Screenshot-2553Here’s Lakisha, making me jealous. I want a firepole. It would be so much more fun than stairs.Screenshot-2555And I’m no longer jealous. LOL The lazy is strong with me. 😉 Oh, and since I had the game open to look up traits for all the birthday people up there, I checked Lakisha’s as well. Coward, Angler, Perfectionist, Over-Emotional, and Clumsy. At least she’s pretty. And all the young adults are now up for grabs on the Family tab. 🙂

Shawn has so many skills maxed, I decide to have him work on a new one, painting.

Screenshot-2556Death fish from our stocked home pond. 🙂

Screenshot-2557Screenshot-2558Prim heads off to finally win that gardening competition. I’ll be moving her and Lakisha out soon.

Sibling love.

Screenshot-2564I send the girls out to find potential mates before moving them out. Lakisha spots a redhead and takes the short route to friendship.Screenshot-2565Screenshot-2568Then they apparently flirt until she’s stinky. He accepts her kiss anyway.

Screenshot-2563Screenshot-2572Primrose chats up this fairy who moved to town around the same time her folks did. She doesn’t get as far as Lakisha, but close enough.

Screenshot-2575I caught this face on Ash. Why is he thinking of mom while looking betrayed?
Screenshot-2576A quick scan back to find Alisa and we find her and Persephone gossiping. Ugh, you guys. Be nice to my sweet little Ash! I love my bonus Murdle.

Screenshot-2618Here we have an idiot zombie politely waiting to attack Boone. I’m just gonna let Boone stay fishing instead.

Screenshot-2619Screenshot-2620Portraits of the two countable triplets? Checkaroo.

Screenshot-2621Screenshot-2622Persephone is a tiny little Iron Chef with that oven.

Screenshot-2623I can only assume that Boone got in trouble and Ash here is letting him off the hook.Screenshot-2624Boone’s face.. LOL It looks like he wants very much to share some choice words with his brother, but also doesn’t want to risk the whole letting off the hook thing.

Screenshot-2625Random sight around town – this dude aged up into headband hair. LOL Also, he’s unique looking and has no Murdle ties, so I decided that Primrose (who I moved out earlier) had just decided to be a single parent and this fellow was a donor. 😛 (aka I Master Controller’d her a baby with him. This way she has a kid even if SP doesn’t pair her off officially)

Screenshot-2628Hemlock keeps changing into this outfit/hair instead. I keep changing him back. I eventually get too lazy to change him back, so this is here to let you know that it’s him if you see pics of a Murdle dressed like this.

Screenshot-2629Persephone had that lame sell a baked goods wish again. We went to city hall as I figured we’d be able to get the final family pic there when she sold her treat. Finally someone snagged one.

Screenshot-2630Only just in time. I forgot it was her birthday.

Screenshot-2631Half the town cheers her on.. lol..Screenshot-2633Shimmer sparkle..Screenshot-2634Ta-da! It’s a dark pic, but she’s pretty anyway. She rolls and gets the Savvy Sculptor trait, which I haven’t had yet.

Screenshot-2635Then Shawn & Alisa take a photo with the last four Murdle children to arrive.Screenshot-2636
It’s placed in the study along with a copy of each of the other family photos. Murdles through the ages. 🙂Screenshot-2637
And we’ll end on this shot of Persephone, where you can actually kind of see her face. 🙂 She wished up a LTW to be a Tinkerer (I think.. max handiness & logic), so I locked that in for her because it’s new.

Almost caught up to gameplay now!

We’re still alive

Household recap:
Shawn (father/elder)
Alisa (mother/young adult)
Primrose (girl #11/teen/aqua)
Hemlock (boy #12/teen/orange)
Ash (bonus boy/teen/green)
Boone (bonus boy/child/yellow)
Persephone (girl #12/child/lilac)

To check up on those who’ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree. Also, if you find yourself wanting a Murdle of your very own, up top at the Family tab is where you can grab .sim downloads of them once they hit young adult. 🙂

Last time the worst driver ever got her license, Boone kept hiding to play with his imaginary friend, our baby from the past aged up and moved out, and so our couple took a romp in the future. This time will be a total surprise to all of us, since this gameplay is a month or two old and I remember nothing. Let’s see what we got.

Looks like we start off with a sim check. Dad’s working on alchemy because it’s one of the only skills he hasn’t mastered.

Screenshot-2434Mom’s still tied to the inventing bench so she can creep up that career.

Hemlock is painting.

Screenshot-2436Primrose is watching TV, gardening most likely, and waiting for another shot at that gardening competition.

Screenshot-2435Ash is – where else – fishing.

Screenshot-2439This time Boone’s fishing too. This is the “goldfish” side of the backyard pond though. Ash stocked up the other side with death fish, so that’s where he’s at.

Persephone is working on something at the chemistry table.

I almost forgot to send her to the gardening competition – AGAIN – so she went via LLAMA. Which apparently terrified her. Prim, you don’t have time to be scared of the fake TARDIS! Get a move on!

Screenshot-2443And so she does.

Screenshot-2444Ash heads off to the beach to fish for other varieties.

Screenshot-2446Boone is on the laptop doing something. Perhaps making internet friends instead of imaginary ones.

Screenshot-2447Screenshot-2448Persephone is rocking out some muffins.

Screenshot-2449How’d you do, Primrose?Screenshot-2451Ah. Not first place, I see.

Screenshot-2452Screenshot-2453Ugh, the “sell a baked good” wish is the worst. It takes so long. At least the kids are cute while waiting.Screenshot-2454I finally set everything to like a dollar. I’d pay someone to buy it if I could just to knock out that want. Thankfully, this lady buys something.

Screenshot-2455Screenshot-2457Screenshot-2459Screenshot-2460Screenshot-2461Screenshot-2463And then I go on a tour of the town as the sun sets because it’s purdy.

Screenshot-2458Ash remembers he has homework and sits down to do it in the last rays of the weekend.

Boone is hiding in the half bath to play with that toy.

Screenshot-2465Shawn & Alisa are boogeying down when the doorbell rings. They ignore it and continue dancing.

Who’s at the door? Why, the people dropping off toddlers for Shawn’s day care. LOL I can’t live without the toddlers and mine are all grown. Navy gives his parents an eye roll as he drops his daughter off.

Screenshot-2469Here she is. Her name is Rachael. She’s adorable.

Screenshot-2472And this is.. well, I can’t recall for sure. But I think it was a relative, and so it’s probably Piper’s great-grandson, Reinaldo. Yeah, there are Murdle great-great grandbabies in town. LOL Just a couple though.

Screenshot-2474Time for Boone’s ballet recital!Screenshot-2475Hurry up everyone, he’s getting all testing waiting on you.

Screenshot-2477Hemlock skipped the recital to stay over at this girl’s house. I’m blanking on her name. We’ll call her Caitlin. *shrug* He went home with her and I’m pretty sure that she is genetically linked to Poppy from my legacy story, so I approve. I queue up a bunch of friendly & romantic spam.

Screenshot-2479Later that night, while heading out for more deathfish, Ash comes across this lovely lady.Screenshot-2480They bond over mutual hydrophobia.Screenshot-2481Ash fixes her with an adorable look..Screenshot-2484…and swoops in for a kiss.Screenshot-2486Then he makes it official so story progression can’t pair her up with someone else, and I can send him off to get those deathfish.

Screenshot-2487Boone is busily searching the galaxy. He rolled a want to find 5 stars, so I have him on this any chance I can. I figure that will keep him away from his IF. LOL

Screenshot-2489Rachael is drug in, armless and through the floor, by a glitched up sim the next morning.

Screenshot-2491Screenshot-2493Cute toddlers are cute!!

Screenshot-2495Alisa is struck with the tragic clown curse on her trip through the LLAMA.Screenshot-2496Even made up as a clown she’s gorgeous. She downs a cure potion and is back to normal.

Screenshot-2497Mena comes running over to greet mom. Every. Time. 🙂

Screenshot-2500I got an alert that Vera (one of Fee’s twins, the dark haired sim here.. who basically looks like Fee with black hair LOL) had finally gotten engaged to her girlfriend. I went to hunt them down. Aww, they’re adorable! I get probably more (good) updates about this couple than any other in my game so I was wondering when SP would get around to marrying them.

Screenshot-2501And then…look what comes backing out of our time machine! Our final Murdle!

Screenshot-2512And she’s old. 😯 Are all future babies old? I’ve only ever done the past, and they both came out as teen.Screenshot-2513Well, I can fix that right up. We’ve got a full set of potions, so here, take this young again potion.

Screenshot-2519Ah, much better.Screenshot-2517
Meet the final Murdle. She arrived with the name Lakisha, a love of the color blue, and five traits, none of which I remember. LOL I’ll add them on the family tab when I upload her.

For now, we’ll wrap it here. Woot, a new update finally! The Murdles continue on!

The land of make-believe

Household recap:
Shawn (father/elder)
Alisa (mother/young adult)
Primrose (girl #11/teen/aqua)
Hemlock (boy #12/teen/orange)
Ash (bonus boy/teen/green)
Boone (bonus boy/child/yellow)
Persephone (girl #12/toddler/lilac)
Homer (bonus boy/teen/yellow)

To check up on those who’ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree. Also, if you find yourself wanting a Murdle of your very own, up top at the Family tab is where you can grab .sim downloads of them once they hit young adult. 🙂

Last time, nothing terribly exciting happened. Just a lot of aging up. I did remember to add Xavier to the Family downloads finally. This time we’ll start out with some pictures that will haunt your nightmares.

Screenshot-2386I call this series Primrose Learns to Drive, But Not Well. You’ll see we start off by having the motive mobile veer off the road.

Screenshot-2388The passenger wasn’t in the van at the time however. He was instead found hovering, unrendered, half a lot away.

Screenshot-2390The driver was even more horrifically unrendered, and somehow floating a distance behind the passenger and van.

She was given a license anyway.

Screenshot-2391And then when they got home, Primrose planted a booby trap on the computer.

Screenshot-2392Alisa had been behind a closed door in a completely different room, but you don’t become a mom to literally dozens of kids and not know when they’re up to something, so she comes to rip into Prim.
Alisa: “Primrose Murdle! What do you think you’re doing?! Who do you suppose is going to see that scary trap of yours? Who’s the one who’s trying to work from home all the time? Did you stop and think that he’s an elder now and his heart’s not as strong as it used to be? No, you didn’t think at all!”
Screenshot-2393This was handled gracefully as expected by our little hot-head.

Meanwhile, while they were screaming, Shawn (who had been in the same room) does not disappoint. He heads straight over to the computer, to log a few hours of work from home… and screams like a girl. Apparently Shawn is proof that you CAN have dozens of kids and not know when they’re up to something. LOL

Hm, this may have been her maxing the inventing skill? I know she’s not near the top of the career yet.

Screenshot-2396Last look at our last smush-face toddler. So bittersweet! Persephone spins & sparkles…
Screenshot-2398and ta-da! She’s a big kid now! With a big trait that I big-time forgot. 🙂

Screenshot-2399A better pic of her. She does look different than anyone else, I think because she has dad’s nose but mom’s wider face shape. I know the only other girl to get dad’s nose was Opal, and she had a narrower face.

Screenshot-2400Working on knocking out wishes, Ash went to the cemetery down the road to fish for deathfish. To keep the curfew police happy, Shawn went along.

Screenshot-2401Success! And he immediately rolled a wish to catch a perfect one.

Screenshot-2402In the morning, Homer decides to try to fish too.

Screenshot-2403Ash is off to the beach to look for new, previously-uncaught types of fish.

Screenshot-2404Shawn’s still hanging at the cemetery, catching up on reading.

Screenshot-2405Alisa is chained to the inventing bench, making many floating ducks.

Screenshot-2406Hemlock checks to see if anyone noticed that mistake he just made when painting. (I totally did, Hemlock.)

Screenshot-2407Primrose was still asleep, so no pic there. And our two youngest appear to be bickering about something.

Screenshot-2408Ash is looking sassy while he snags these ocean fish.

Screenshot-2409Screenshot-2410Boone is adorable, catching those bandits (aka his sister I’m sure. LOL)

Screenshot-2411Persephone goes to grab some leftover steak for lunch.

Screenshot-2412PrimroseBoone moves on to less adorable things. Theoretically, he was coming out to seesaw with Persephone.

Screenshot-2413One of Primrose’s first wishes as a child was to win a gardening competition. Well, she’s finally old enough to enter, and it’s a weekend so no pesky school. I click to it to send her on her way….and apparently she decided to take a bike rather than taxi. She gets there after AGES, and is so eager that she runs THROUGH the gate without even waiting for it to open. Unfortunately it was all for naught.. too late. Competition is over. *sigh* We’ll try again tomorrow.

Screenshot-2415As for today.. it’s Homer’s birthday! Let’s see, what to wish, what to wish… (betting he wished his parents loved him enough to not leave him in a cave centuries ago).

Screenshot-2416A-ha, he wished for a less lame hairstyle. LOL

Screenshot-2417He got dad’s bountiful body hair though. LOL

Screenshot-2419Official young adult stylist mode pic of him. I left him in whatever he decided to wear.

Screenshot-2423Screenshot-2425Homer & Shawn have a, um, heartfelt good-bye where neither will even look at the other.

Screenshot-2426And with that, the baby from the past is released into the present to build a life for himself if story progression will let him. (And with a little help from me if it won’t, as I want each Murdle kid to have at least one baby. :P)

Screenshot-2432Boone & friend strike again. He always finds the most out of the way places to play with that thing so I don’t notice right away.. you know, like until Ash’s portrait is turning red from hunger and I click to see why he’s not just getting one of our billion leftovers from the fridge and.. oh. Because Boone needed to play with Riley RIGHT THERE.

Screenshot-2428Well, with one space empty in the house, and one more spot in the basement gallery room, I have Alisa & Shawn go for the matched set of time machine babies. They’re trying in the future this time.

Screenshot-2431Apparently the future does not take kindly to that kind of behavior. LOL I figure if this doesn’t work out, I’ll just bite the bullet and let someone turn their imaginary friend real and count that as the final Murdle, since I have all the ones needed for the challenge anyway. So I’ll leave you on that cliffhanger.. do we get a future baby, or do we have to put up with imaginary friendliness? And where has my motivation gone now that I’m this close to the end? (Seriously, in gameplay I have like FIVE SIM DAYS and I just can’t be bothered right now. Motivation, come baaack!)

Five times the birthday

Household recap:
Shawn (father/adult)
Alisa (mother/young adult)
Primrose (girl #11/child/aqua)
Hemlock (boy #12/child/orange)
Ash (bonus boy/child/green)
Boone (bonus boy/toddler/yellow)
Persephone (girl #12/toddler/lilac)
Homer (bonus boy/teen/yellow)

To check up on those who’ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree. Also, if you find yourself wanting a Murdle of your very own, up top at the Family tab is where you can grab .sim downloads of them once they hit young adult.

Last time Xavier aged up to be drop-dead gorgeous, the babies grew into adorable tots, and I decided to be all extra and we added another bonus “baby” thanks to Shawn & Alisa’s romp in the past via time machine. Homer appeared as a teen and while his favorite color is yellow, I just left him in whatever he showed up in.

Screenshot-2307We’ll start this update in my favorite way – with toddlers!

Screenshot-2308Persephone is getting skilled. Knocking out walking here…

Screenshot-2309…followed by pottying, and then immediately sitting and learning to talk. I love her little face. She looks a bit different than others, which is pretty impressive when you’re kid #26. LOL

Screenshot-2311I stopped toddler-gazing to check in with the others and found this: Shawn scolding Homer. I’m not sure for what.

Screenshot-2310And poor Homer looks like he might rather head back and take his chances with whoever was shooting arrows at him when he came through the time machine. I make Shawn let him off the hook since I don’t even know what he did, but also the poor kid just got here.

Screenshot-2312Persephone sneaks a moment to play in the toy box since she has learned all the basics.

Screenshot-2314Someone comes along and swoops her up and stuffs her into the crib despite her not being tired enough to sleep. I make them release her from captivity and she and Boone have fun with the toddler toys until they truly are tired. I have fun looking at the two of them since even though they have the same coloring, they appear to have different features. 🙂

Screenshot-2315Prom is tonight (Xavier missed it by a day, the trips will miss it by a day the other way. Good thing Homer showed up. LOL) I was curious to see what Homer would wear as his formal wear – would it be throwback clothes as well? Nope, apparently he arrived with a powder blue tux. And also shaggy hair. Knock ’em dead, kiddo! (There was actually nothing of real note that happened at his prom.)


*breaks into song* This girl is on fire….
Alisa: “Um, a little help here.”
Fine. Go shower.

Screenshot-2323The next morning, Ash & Primrose are playing hopscotch. Prim steps on the square with the rock.
Screenshot-2324Ash, in true brother form, squeal with not-so-secret glee that his sister is losing. LOL

Screenshot-2331Screenshot-2334Screenshot-2335Adorable toddlers are adorable.

Screenshot-2336Soon though, Boone is scooped up as it’s time for his birthday.Screenshot-2340Ta-da!Screenshot-2342My brain is mush and I can’t recall what he rolled, but he gets both glasses AND freckles. (For anyone downloading my simmies, the freckles I use are just “costume makeup” so they won’t actually have freckles in their genes. Feel free to add if you wish. Or don’t. Or freckle everone, I don’t mind. 🙂 I think in my game Alisa, Prairie, Elias, Toby, Ash, and Boone are the ones with freckles.)

Screenshot-2343These three were all at the school for something. Primrose’s scouting ceremony maybe?

Screenshot-2344The triplets were all in the study when it struck birthday o’clock.

Screenshot-2345The youngest triplet was the quickest to drop other actions from his queue and so Ash got to age first.

Screenshot-2348Still a cutie!

Screenshot-2350Hemlock went next. These guys pay no mind to birth order or to “ladies first.”

Screenshot-2352Ta-da! I believe he rolled Slob. He seems surprised.

No time to dwell on your newly teen-ified body, it’s finally Primrose’s turn to age!

Screenshot-2359She actually reminds me of Fee in feature-shape, but definitely different coloring. 🙂

The boys were loaded into the motive mobiles and taught to drive as they immediately rolled wishes for.

Screenshot-2362Ash is back to spending all his time fishing

Screenshot-2363Primrose was chatting on the phone

Screenshot-2365Hemlock went to check out the tables full of fish bowls that suddenly appeared in the back yard. 😉

Screenshot-2367I couldn’t see Boone, so I clicked to zoom to him and found him hiding in the bathroom so that he could play with the imaginary friend doll that keeps popping back into his inventory.

Screenshot-2369Hemlock: “Do you HAVE to wear that to school?”

Screenshot-2372Shawn made it! Top of the career!
Shawn: “And I can hold psychic conventions all around the globe now!”

Screenshot-2373Random descendant pic – I came across Toby & Belle Messorem’s girl, Jennifer. I gave her a 30-second makeover mainly just to give her freckles too. Touched no sliders though.

Screenshot-2374Shawn is sent off to hold his first psychic convention. I figure if it goes well, I’ll let him stay at this job the rest of the time.

Screenshot-2375Ash catches a shark and shows it off. With his bare hand.

Screenshot-2376Persephone is busy crushing gender stereotypes.

Screenshot-2377Boone was star gazing but then…shower? I don’t know.

Screenshot-2378I need to remember to look at Homer’s traits. He often changes into his formal outfit to go to his part-time job.

Screenshot-2379Speaking of jobs, I finally just accepted that the daycare career is borked for Alisa. No one has shown up since the triplets were born. Even with maternity leave adding up, it should have restarted. I’m too lazy to try switching lots or anything this late in the challenge. So she joins the inventor career. We’ll see how far she can get in that.

Screenshot-2381Welp, Shawn’s psychic convention sucked. LOL I’ll likely make him switch jobs too (we have a million simoleans, money is not an issue), but for now.. what’s this?Screenshot-2383He’s aging up to an elder! Thank goodness Eugenie (I think) had been randomly out & about and cheered her dad on.Screenshot-2385Here’s a real proper look at him. Don’t look so worried, Shawn. You make a cute little old man.

One of our founders is an elder, the other will age to adult soon. It’s getting so close, y’all! 🙂