A full house

Household recap:
Shawn (father/young adult)
Alisa (mother/young adult)
Philomena “Mena” (girl #8/teen/pink) – bad apple
Nicodemus (boy #6/child/sea foam)
Elias (boy #7/toddler/grey)
Toby (boy #8/infant/lime)

To check up on those who’ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree.

Last time, I moved out what had been my favorite mini-Murdle so far.. Fee. As Nicodemus has been my favorite boy thus far, I’m managing to cope, but I still foresee visits with Fee in our future. Also, baby #16 was born, a third boy in a row, thus tying up our girl-to-boy ratio for the first time in a while (since back when we were still living on the lawn, I think.)

Mena: “Am I gonna get on the school bus? Or am I gonna eat this plate of waffles in my hand? Who knows? It could be either one and there’s nothing you could do about it, Watcher. I’m the bad apple and therefore UNTOUCHABLE.”

Seriously, I sat there and freaked out while she walked out to the bus with the waffle plate in her hand (grinning and side-eyeing at me the whole time). Then I sighed with relief as she disappeared as they normally do to get onto the bus… only to freak out when she poofed back onto the sidewalk with those damn waffles. The bus started to turn and I’m all “Noooo, she’s gonna miss her first day of high school BECAUSE WAFFLES!!” but then as the back end of the bus smashed through her, she disappeared again. Onto her bike this time, sans waffles, to ride to school. (I assume. I didn’t follow because it would have driven me bonkers if she didn’t go there and I still couldn’t change it. LOL)

Screenshot-1251Meanwhile in the house while I’m busy biting my nails over bad apples & waffles, Elias is screaming his lungs out for some food. Someone get in there and feed that baby.

Screenshot-1254Nicodemus brought home one of his nieces from school that day. LOL This is.. Karie? I think? I believe she’s one of Briar’s kiddos. (Fathered by the fairy that left Briar for some elder. Story Progression keeps giving me pop-ups that those two – cheating ex and random elder – can’t find a suitable house together and I keep saying “Aw, isn’t that a shame?” while not really thinking that it’s a shame at all.)

Screenshot-1255Mena has kind of taken over all interaction with Toby. Toby’s portrait turns yellow, I select Alisa and send her his way, and Mena is already on it.

Screenshot-1256And a random zoom in to show the difference in their hair color. Alisa’s hair is true black. At least half of the dark-headed kiddos have this other warm black/super dark brown hair like Mena has. I thought maybe it just looked that way because of different lighting or because it was a different hairstyle. But these two are in the same room (so same lighting) and have the same hairstyle. The difference is slight, but there.

Screenshot-1259I took a peek at the updated rules for the challenge, and there is now no line about not being able to age up a child early. I will still not be aging them any sooner than their actual birth day, but it does mean I can have a cake & celebration now and not feel like I’m cheating by not waiting until it happens on its own late that evening.

Screenshot-1260Which means I’ll definitely be caking up toddlers, because they’re flipping adorable on their birthdays.

Screenshot-1261Elias is giddy with all the attention focused on him

And *shingsparklesparkle*.. we have a child! Elias rolls Heavy Sleeper for his trait.

Screenshot-1264He’s pretty cute.. and yep, definitely dad’s nose. 🙂

Screenshot-1266He heads off to work out (because I finally got an Athletic sim so it only seems fitting, even if it doesn’t raise their skill as children.)

Screenshot-1267Alisa picks up Toby (mainly so I can move his crib from Fee’s old room into the nursery now that Elias won’t be in the nursery). She gives him a quick snuggle but he’s laid back down quickly so that she can pop into some maternity gear and measure how far she’s going to let her belly expand this time.

Opal had a baby boy – Josef – and Luca’s wife had a baby girl – Salina. And she is purple! The first berry Murdle. Gonna have to see what she looks like as she ages.

Screenshot-1271Looks like that was the only thing of note that happened because here we are at delivery time for the new baby!

Screenshot-1272Dad & his favorite don’t notice because they’re out on the front porch on their tablets. LOL

Screenshot-1273Alisa delivers Murdle #17 and.. it’s a girl!

Screenshot-1274A girl who she carries outside to set down on the ground right by the front porch because she’s still in labor and surely Shawn will have to notice then, right? Right?! Spoiler: He does not.

Screenshot-1275And Murdle #18 is.. a boy! Long live the equally-balanced ratio! LOL

Screenshot-1276In honor of Fee and her love of blue, these twins are named Indigo (girl) and Navy (boy). Indie is an Artistic Genius. Navy is Clumsy and Absent-Minded. It’s okay, little dude, so am I. Indigo loves purple, Navy loves spice brown. I am too lazy to switch them from their pastel burrito wraps though, so that’ll show up when they’re tots.

Screenshot-1279The next few hours pass by in a blur of baby-caretaking since there were three of them. Thankfully Toby breaks that streak by aging up to toddler.

Screenshot-1280Okay so this picture is a little Children-of-the-Corn-esque.. LOL Lemme try to find a better angle.

Screenshot-1281Daddy swoops in for a Claw Attack before I can. Toby seems to be much more alarmed that his dad is losing his marbles freaking out over a hand.

Screenshot-1283Ah, there we go. Much better lighting in this picture. Isn’t he just a dollface? Gah, I love him. 🙂 And because I forgot his traits last time.. they are Clumsy and Genius. Apparently he’s splitting the difference between his younger siblings’ traits.

Screenshot-1284Nicodemus finishes up this gorgeous portrait of purpleness. It’s like he painted it specially for his new baby sister (even though he started it before she was born and thus couldn’t have known her color. Details, details.)

Screenshot-1287And this.. this is how I almost always find child-Elias. He doesn’t seem to lean too much towards his athletic trait just yet anyway.

Screenshot-1288Alisa’s face cracked me up here. It looks like she’s glaring at him.

Screenshot-1289Alisa finishes up a painting. Venus de Murdle?

Screenshot-1290Best bad apple ever. Even though she’s hungry, Mena autonomously goes to help mom with the twins.

Screenshot-1291Then she started walking off with her and I was afraid that she’d sit in the rocking chair and totally throw off the synced schedule that Indie & Navy have. Not to worry though, instead Mena just stood in the middle of the living room so she could zone into the TV for a while.

Eventually she realized that she was hungry and so she walked the baby back to bed. Mena is also the only person in the house who seems to get the babies in their proper cribs when left to their own devices.

And I think we’ll wrap it there for now. Next time we’ll get a few more birthdays, a couple more tots.. fun times. 🙂



It’s so hard to say goodbye

Household recap:
Shawn (father/young adult)
Alisa (mother/young adult)
Ophelia “Fee” (girl #7/young adult/blue)
Philomena “Mena” (girl #8/child/pink) – bad apple
Nicodemus (boy #6/child/sea foam)
Elias (boy #7/toddler/grey)

To check up on those who’ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree.

Last time Fee had Prom, then 3 of the 4 at-home kids aged up.. including Fee herself. I couldn’t part with her yet and so made some lame excuse about how she had to stay to finish the paintings she had started. I’ll attempt to get over myself in this update. But first.. since it’s been a few days since I played, let’s do a quick sim check.

Screenshot-1183Alisa is off tending her garden. She maxed that skill aaaages ago (like a good 10-12 children ago LOL), but gardener was the job I had her sign up for, so I’ve been having her still do the lion’s share of the garden work. She’s at level 8 in that job, but progress is slow. My consignment store doesn’t seem to want to populate anyone to work the register most days anymore, so she can’t sell her produce there for the big bucks. She’s stuck with the lower profit from the grocery store. Around this point I decide that as things start dying off, I’m going to plant mainly elixir ingredients in their place, since the elixir store’s register still works.
tl;dr Oh look! Alisa gardens!

Screenshot-1184Shawn’s getting super close to maxing his athletic skill.

Screenshot-1185Fee and Nico are both hard at work at their easels.

Screenshot-1186Mena, having gotten told to improve her skills, is off fishing rather than sitting on the couch.

Screenshot-1187Elias, meanwhile, is busy raising his social need by finding a family that can’t ignore him – the dollhouse family.

Screenshot-1188Fee finishes up her painting and, knowing what’s coming, heads in to scoop up Elias for one last snuggle.

Screenshot-1190Fee: “I’ll miss you, Runt.”

Screenshot-1191And then…I built Fee a house. LOL Just a little thing, 20×20 lot, but it’s decorated in blue, and it has room for a partner and kids should she decide to start a family. There are all the necessities, some fun items, and of course an easel.

Screenshot-1192And best of all, it backs right up to a walking path down to the beach in case she ever needs inspiration.

Screenshot-1194Now I really have no excuse to keep her here (she’s the only kid who has gotten a house built for them LOL), so she calls up the real estate office to snag the new house in town before someone else can.

Screenshot-1195She sets down Elias and waves goodbye to ME.. hehe..

Screenshot-1197…and then my little Ophelia Murdle strikes out on her own. Story Progression, you’d better be kind to her. We just got the news that her big brother Onyx is getting married for the THIRD time (to the same woman.. LOL he and Ariana have apparently made divorces and weddings into their hobby.) No heartache for Fee.

And now that I’ve spent like half the update just on moving her out.. hehe.. let’s see if I can move on.

Screenshot-1198Shawn clearly has. LOL I stop his dance to make him go finish that athletic skill he’s so close to.

Screenshot-1199Alisa’s still finding solace in the garden

Screenshot-1200Even Elias was apparently like “Peace out, sis. Imma play with the pegbox.”

Screenshot-1201Hey look, max athletic! Woot! And Alisa was busy putting Elias down in his crib.

Screenshot-1202Because we all know there’s only one thing on Alisa’s mind whenever one of her babies leaves… time for another!

Screenshot-1203Shawn: “That. Was. AWESOME!”

Screenshot-1204And here we see Mena, finally deciding to crawl into bed at about 4:45am. School bus’ll be here in just over 3 hours, sweet cheeks. Better get you a power nap. *grumble bad apple grumble*

Screenshot-1209The next day (or technically that same day, just during daylight hours).. Alisa spun into stretchier clothes and hovered her hands around her stomach area. Clearly a new baby will be joining us soon!

Screenshot-1211Alisa heads off to announce the news to Shawn.

Screenshot-1212Alisa: “A pat on the shoulder? Are you.. consoling me?”

Screenshot-1214Shawn: “No, it was a good thing. Like ‘atta girl’, ya know?”
Alisa: “Thumbs up? This isn’t Facebook. Ugh, why do I bother. No more announcing. You’ll just know there’s a new kid when it pops on out.”

Awww, lookit these good little kiddos, hopping straight to their homework after school with no reminders.

Screenshot-1220And then one night when she was up late painting her next piece of art, Alisa felt the pangs of impending babydom.

Screenshot-1221A bit of Lamaze, a lot of sparkles, and one spin brings us to the Murdles newest addition..

Screenshot-1222New mom is a little stunned in this shot, but please welcome baby boy #8, Toby! And allow me a tiny moment of glee to point out that with this past run of three boys in a row, my girls vs boys count is all even. Woot! Anyway, Toby has that blond-from-somewhere hair. He also has two traits, neither of which I remember, so those will just be a secret until his toddler birthday, or if I remember to update this. He loves the color lime though.

Screenshot-1224Toby was born in the wee hours of the morning. Nothing must have happened that day, because the next pic is Mena outside (thinking about being tired and yet still heading AWAY from a bed), celebrating her birthday.

Screenshot-1225A sparkley little jump and

Screenshot-1229Ladies & gentlemen, our bad apple’s a teen! She chose the basic 3/4 sleeve top, and those weird cargo-capri-palazzo pants, along with mom’s hairdo. She most definitely has dad’s face shape though, so even with mom’s hairstyle & mom’s mouth & nose, she looks quite a bit different than Alisa.

Screenshot-1233You’ll just have to trust me on that though, because I apparently didn’t take a decent non-sparkley picture of her. She ran off to bed right after aging up, and then woke up early looking like someone had just pissed in her Cheerios. No idea what could have gotten her so upset.

Screenshot-1234Nicodemus is just blissfully dreaming of band-aids, as one does.

Screenshot-1235Elias is off in slumberland as well

Screenshot-1236Toby is content in his eye-searingly lime crib.

Screenshot-1237Alisa is pondering the placement of her next brushstroke.

Screenshot-1238Beside her, Shawn’s dreaming about a Yeti.

Screenshot-1241Mena becomes the first family member besides mom to interact with the new baby.

Screenshot-1246Mom heads in right after to hug her and thank her for her help.

Screenshot-1245And we’ll wrap it up there for now. A kiddo of each life stage in the house, and a brand new day just beginning. 🙂

The family that paints together

Household recap:
Shawn (father/young adult)
Alisa (mother/young adult)
Ophelia “Fee” (girl #7/teen/blue)
Philomena “Mena” (girl #8/child/pink) – bad apple
Nicodemus (boy #6/toddler/sea foam)
Elias (boy #7/infant/grey)

To check up on those who’ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree.

Just updated yesterday, so I’m too lazy to do a lead-in. To the screenshots!

Turns out there’s a prom today. Fee has interacted with pretty much just the easel for her entire life, so I have her call over the one guy she went home from school with. I am completely blanking on his name, so we’ll just call him not-really-Chad. He’s acceptably cute, so Alisa slips her a couple Jars of Friendship since Fee seems to have some hidden socially awkward trait. She chucks one, interacts, chucks the other and bam.. they’re best friends. Not-really-Chad then immediately runs off, claiming work or something.  Oh well. At least she has a friend. Back to the easel until prom time, girlie.

Screenshot-1137Just a cute pic of my other favorite.. hehe..

Screenshot-1135The next few hours passed quickly and.. time for Prom!
Screenshot-1133Fee peeled herself away from her art, gussied up, and headed off to the dance.

I usually do a play-by-play, but hers was incredibly boring (full of “oh, wow, decorations!” and “everyone looks so nice dressed up!” and whatnot.) Three things of note happened.

1. She won Prom Queen (take THAT social awkwardness!)
2. She asked her crush for a dance, they said no and then made fun of her in front of everyone (I assumed this was not-really-Chad and was ready to kick his booty…until the next update)
3. Not-really-Chad revealed that he liked Fee a lot (romantic interest! Yay! I shoved them along to true boyfriend/girlfriend status the following day.)

Screenshot-1138As prom wrapped up, I got a notification that it was Nico’s birthday.

Screenshot-1139However, Elias came along and stole his thunder, aging up before Nicodemus could.

Screenshot-1143NOW it’s Nico’s turn.

He ages up into a handsome little boy, gaining the Bookworm trait and thus endearing himself to me even more. (Artistic, Excitable, Bookworm…if I were a sim I could totally see me having those traits.)

Screenshot-1154Alisa wastes no time with starting skilling for Elias. He gets a trip to the potty, and the second he’s off of it, she sits down there to teach him to talk.

Screenshot-1159Once he knows his basic words, it’s time to learn to walk (aww, and time for me to swoon over his face too. I’m a toddler-aholic. Plus, while I may be wrong, I’m pretty sure he’s the second to have daddy’s nose.)

Screenshot-1160Only one thing left to do…and by the end of this potty trip, he’s fully-skilled, and has time left to play before he needs to sleep.

Screenshot-1170I, um, took a picture of Mena. LOL I don’t remember why. Here it is anyway.

The next day was Fee’s young adult birthday.

Screenshot-1166As should be expected by now, she is beautiful, and I’ve completely forgotten the trait she rolled. I’ll try to make a note next time.

Screenshot-1173Her lifetime goal had been to max writing & painting. She had writing down since forever, and was SO close on painting. I had her chug a potion and head to the easel and.. well, here you see the proof that it maxed out her painting too. Since this was an hour after age up and thus still on the same day, I’m counting it as her having learned it by young adulthood. (Especially considering my teens get 7 days less than the typical “normal” setting lifespan.)

With her lifetime wish filled, I should kick her out immediately, but I love her and so I think I’m making her stay another day. At least to finish up the paintings she has started.

Screenshot-1175And since the potion did Fee well, I had Nico chug a potion as well before he climbed into bed. He maxed out the childhood cooking skill this way. He makes killer cupcakes now.. hehe..

Screenshot-1176Oh, and just in case you forgot, Elias is here, adorable, and autonomously skilling.

Screenshot-1177Mena is clearly working on being the favorite now as she is the only one who autonomously cleans.

Screenshot-1178Nicodemus is attempting to step in to fill Fee’s spot since he rolled the LTW of Illustrious Author as well. Learning writing will be no problem, thanks to tabcasts, and he does at least get a headstart in painting because he read all of the toddler painting books. So fingers crossed for him finishing this in time too!

Screenshot-1179Elias is getting a wee bit hungry. Not to worry, I’m sure there’s no lead-based paint on the wooden mallet he’s nomming.

Screenshot-1181Ah, this is why the parents aren’t heading his way with a bottle. LOL Alisa finished Fee’s portrait & Shawn swooped in to occupy her.

Screenshot-1182With the addition of Fee, we have our gallery room halfway complete!

The game said that today (a Monday) was supposed to be graduation & had the kids marked as having today off school, I assumed for the ceremony. I sent the simmies to the city hall to be ready for it there. There was no option to click to attend the ceremony though, even though other graduates showed up. So that’s why poor Fee doesn’t have a diploma or ribbon even though she’s in the house at graduation. She does have a bitchin’ graveyard poster though. I’m sure she’ll get someone’s diploma stuck at her spot. (Mostly that’s what I’ve been doing… the ones who are in the house at graduation day get the award ribbons, then their diplomas go in someone’s spot, since they did all graduate and all diplomas look the same.)

Screenshot-1162And I’ll finish this out with an opinion gathering session. Right now the prom photos are here, in the study. Of the 12 kids who’ve reached YA, 7 have gone to prom. I expect the ratio will stay pretty close to 50% like this. Should I keep the prom pics up here or move them down to the kids’ shelves in the gallery room? If it affects answers, the gallery is where I put prom crowns (and field trip souvenirs, along with graduation stuff & the YA portrait).

Shawn picks a favorite

Household recap:
Shawn (father/young adult)
Alisa (mother/young adult)
Prairie (girl #6/teen/hot pink)
River (boy #5/teen/violet)
Ophelia “Fee” (girl #7/teen/blue)
Philomena “Mena” (girl #8/toddler/pink) – bad apple
Nicodemus (boy #6/toddler/sea foam)

To check up on those who’ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree.

Been a bit since I updated, mostly thanks to holidays/winter break meaning my non-pixel kiddos occupied my time. 🙂 But I’ve been playing and so let’s see if we can catch up to where I am in-game. It might take a couple updates.

We’ll jump right in with a poorly lit birthday! Here’s River. I can’t recall the reason he was outside when his time came around, but I shoved a floodlight over there so we could see him. At least Prairie’s inside so she can’t have worse pics.

Prairie: Challenge accepted. *stands facing a broken shower*
*sigh* I stand corrected.

Screenshot-1035Screenshot-1028Here we go, better pictures of them as young adults. River gains the Eccentric trait, and Prairie gains Easily Impressed. Since they had both wished to be Star News Anchors, I released them to the town immediately. Bye, kids!

Screenshot-1038Gratuitous “adorable toddler” shot of Nicodemus.

Around this time too Onyx & Ariana had a baby girl that they named Laurel, divorced (or Ariana started an affair), and got back to a steady relationship together.. all within like a 24-sim-hour period.

Screenshot-1040One more Nico pic. *hehe* I love toddlers. Okay babycakes, go skill something.

Screenshot-1042Shawn picked up a crying-about-being-tired Mena and rather than put her in the crib, he decided to rock with her. I think someone’s gonna be a daddy’s girl.. my bad apple may end up growing up well since my sims all love on her tons anyway. 🙂 I imagine school starting will be the real trick.

Screenshot-1043Alas, sweet toddler cuddles can’t last forever. Daddy has to run off to work.

Screenshot-1044Sh-poof.. full alchemy skill!

Screenshot-1045Aww, two of my favorites. ❤ Fee emerges from behind her easel to tote Nicodemus to bed.

Screenshot-1084Shawn got a promotion and has no chill about it.

And this evening, we remember that it’s Mena’s birthday! She sparkles and spins, and we get to roll for a trait for her. She gains Daredevil.

Screenshot-1090She didn’t turn out too bad. Like I mentioned before, I’m keeping bad apples in the clothes/hair they choose to age up in (unless it’s glitched) and just coloring them to fit their color. I’m so thankful she didn’t choose that really weird ponytail with the half-inch bangs from the base game.

Screenshot-1091And here we find the first drawback of bad appledom. It’s 11:30 on a school night, she’s thinking about how tired she is, but parks her butt on the sofa to watch TV.

Screenshot-1093I may not be able to tell her what to do, but DAD can.. and I can tell him what to do. So Shawn tries to look as stern as possible as he directs her to bed. She spins it right back on him by asking for a bedtime story.. which he agrees to. Yep, he definitely has a favorite. LOL

Screenshot-1094Alisa had been on her way to the Arboretum to turn in some items, when she suddenly had to pull over. As she horked all over the grass, she had a sneaking suspicion arise.
Alisa: “I’ve only felt like this 11 other times in my life. I wonder if I’m pregnant.”

Screenshot-1095Soon her suspicions were confirmed as she rubbed a still-mostly-non-existent bump in the pitch black of the night outside the arboretum.

Screenshot-1096The next day, even though we paid the bills when we got the pop-up, the repoman comes. He heads straight to the gym and takes away the dust-collecting machine. (Seriously, I don’t think anyone has ever used it. Shawn uses the treadmill.)

Screenshot-1097Still, look at that jerky little smirk. I just wanna smack the pudding right off that smug little face one.

Screenshot-1098Shawn settles in to do some working from home that afternoon. Mena gets home, sees this, and settles on the couch to do her homework.

Fee had gone home with a friend after school and I was so busy trying to watch that & get her to interact that I almost missed the delivery of baby #15! The Murdles are pleased to introduce their 7th little boy, Elias Murdle. I will need to check on his traits, but I do remember he likes the color grey. I also remember that I was too lazy to do anything about that while he was a baby, so enjoy the burrito.

I realized I had let Luca get away without painting his portrait (and without saving him to upload). So I invited him over to have Alisa paint him (and to save him for upload.. so he’ll be Luca Ellison-Murdle if you download him because he’d already gotten married.) Alisa kept starting lame portraits, but Luca & Nico were totally adorable together. 🙂

Screenshot-1115I finally had Fee do his portrait because Alisa’s were just all dark & gross.

Screenshot-1116I put her back on finishing up the twins’ portraits.

Screenshot-1119Mena continues to have  daddy wrapped around her finger.

And then, because it still bothered me that we had a picture with kids 7-12 but not with kids 1-6, Alisa arranged for them all to meet at the school to take a greeting card. Trixie ended up standing right in front of her parents and blocking them completely, but I kept it anyway.

I’ll call it here for now. More to come soon!


2 birthdays and an un-birthday

Household recap:
Shawn (father/young adult)
Alisa (mother/young adult)
Prairie (girl #6/teen/hot pink)
River (boy #5/teen/violet)
Ophelia “Fee” (girl #7/child/blue)
Philomena “Mena” (girl #8/toddler/pink) – bad apple
Nicodemus (boy #6/baby/sea foam)

To check up on those who’ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree.

Screenshot-966I clicked on Mena with the intent that Shawn would finish off her walking lessons. However, “Teach to Talk” was the only option left. Apparently I’ve been more on top of it than I thought. Anyway, so talking lessons were begun instead.

Screenshot-970This kid.. I swear she always seems drugged up. Couch potato trait maybe?

Screenshot-971Alisa takes over and the final skill is wrapped up in short order. Woot!

Screenshot-972Alisa works on her alchemy some more while I try to scour the town for those dang green swallowtail butterflies. I finally caved and spent her lifetime points on the collection helper so I can at least see where the insects are, but most of them seem to be ladybugs.

Screenshot-974Finally!! I finally found some! Alisa stood on the front porch, waiting on her teens to get home so that she could run out and catch those suckers without calling a baby sitter (dad was off at work).

Screenshot-976Straight from there to the elixir shop because it was the closest alchemy station. She mixed the elixir of youth…and got 2 of them! Woot! We put one up for sale and keep one for our own use,  and I have her head home.

Screenshot-977Look! Look at this painting that my amazing little Fee painted! It immediately gets hung over Nicodemus’ crib.

Screenshot-978Proof that my autonomous sims totally ignore that whole bad apple thing. 🙂 Someone’s always snuggling or picking up Mena. (And Shawn’s attempting to put Nico in Mena’s crib. No. Go put him in his room, under the gorgeous painting. Now.)

Screenshot-979Shawn is a giant pouty baby about having to follow this instruction.

Screenshot-986Time for a birthday!

Screenshot-988Fee hits her teen years and… gains the Never Nude Trait.

Screenshot-992S’okay, I love her anyway, despite the useless trait. LOL I think she’s pretty much Shawn but with mom’s nose (and of course the throwback blonde hair), but still.. never nude? I hope you get a good one next time. LOL

Screenshot-993And because Alisa was feeling particularly “old” what with the baby of her first half hitting her teen years, she decided to chug the Elixir of Youth. My goal is to have those be the only times we use Elixir of Youth and just do the rest of this on life fruit. She was just getting awfully close to adulthood (and my game is set that only young adults can get pregnant).

Screenshot-994A cute one of Mena.. though once again that drugged up look. Most of my tots have a kind of worried/whiny/begging face when they get put in the crib. Mena’s like “Alright, so this is what’s happening now.” LOL I’m going to catch an expression, darnit.

Screenshot-995Got a pop-up about Luca getting into a steady relationship, so I hunted her down. Ooh, I approve.

Screenshot-996And it’s time for burrito-to-tot transformation for Nicodemus! Now we wait for the glow (and the derp) to fade so we can see his face…

Screenshot-998Squeeeee! OMG, I’m just gonna roll him up and pop him in my mouth. Gah. He’s adorable.

Screenshot-999You’re a precious widdle boy, aren’t you Nico? Yes you are. *smooshes cheeks* It’s awfully early for me to guess at looks (I’m not great at it), but I think he’s gonna grow up to look pretty much exactly like mom. Even has her tanner skin.

Screenshot-1000And his first action as adorable toddler is to crap his pants, since I was busy sitting in camera mode and staring at him mode rather than actually getting on with training. LOL Big brother River autonomously swoops in to take care of Mr. Stinkybritches.

Prairie meanwhile scoops up Mena and they have a run in with The Claw. A-ha! She DOES have expressions.. LOL

Screenshot-1003Mom was busy, Dad was on the phone (chatting with Opal), so I had River start Nicodemus on the pottying.

Fee? Oh she’s still in her room, at her easel. It’s her happy place. She’s mastered the writing skill and is, I think, at 7 in painting. I’m hoping she’ll max it before YA.

Screenshot-1012Mom & Nico work on walking…

Screenshot-1016…and then talking. He manages to knock out all the toddler skills before even needing to rest.

And.. I think we should wrap up this chapter with some tot spam.

My babies! *wub*


I mostly remember stuff

Household recap:
Shawn (father/adult)
Alisa (mother/young adult)
Luca (boy #4/teen/spiceberry)
Prairie (girl #6/teen/hot pink)
River (boy #5/teen/violet)
Ophelia “Fee” (girl #7/child/blue)

To check up on those who’ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree.

The actual gameplay took place at least a week ago, should be fun to see if I can remember why I took these pictures.
Screenshot-911When last we left off, Alisa was fixing a dishwasher. She repaired it in short order, then went to rest up…only to have to hop up and sprint across the house for the bathroom (why will these sims not use their en suite?)

Screenshot-912Oh, so THAT’S why she was nauseated! Which everyone knew, because this is a baby challenge and we have empty space in the house. Oh well. As the 13th child, I decide this will be our first “bad apple”. (The next one will come in the final batch of 6 kids, so I only have 1 bad apple at a time.)

Screenshot-913She then went off to paint. I named this one Mon Alisa.

Screenshot-915Um, here’s the back of Luca’s head while he chats with this vampire. It was apparently important enough for me to upload, so here you go. You’re free to draw your own guesses as to why it’s here. Cookies to whoever comes up with the best story.

Screenshot-917And then, I hear death shrieks. No! Fee! She sounds so traumatized that I can’t even relish the fact that Shawn is actually fretting about his wife for once. I move Fee’s easel off into her own bedroom and send her there to paint, away from the carnage.

With Fee placidly painting in another room, I’m free to enjoy the fatherly freakout.
Shawn: “Oh my god is it like this EVERY TIME? This is terrible! Why didn’t you tell me?”
Alisa: “I will gut you. Get out of my sight.”

And just like that, he does. ROFL Randomly stops caring and walks off, just as it was getting to the good part (the part where the baby’s here and the rest no longer matters).

Screenshot-922The teens spent the whole time here, pretending not to hear their mother’s threats or their father’s alarm.

Screenshot-924And with that we welcome baby girl #8, Philomena.

Screenshot-925Mena’s favorite color is pink, and she has two traits. I want to say they’re Loves the Outdoors and Couch Potato, but it’s been a hot minute since I’ve had my game on, so I could be way wrong.

Sorry that I’ll be ignoring you, Mena. I’m sure you’re not really a bad apple, you’re just misunderstood. (Or hey, maybe you’ll be happy to not be under my vicelike controlling grip.)

Screenshot-930Shawn did something stupid (I don’t recall what), so I made him wander around the house and set off all the booby traps that were there thanks to a billion teens having passed through these halls. ROFL

Screenshot-931Fee brought home this little jerk from school, who just wanted to gossip about her to her older brother. Poor Luca looks so uncomfortable with the whole thing. He just wanted to snuggle his baby sister (my sims have not gotten the “bad apple” memo, but as long as I’m not the one directing them to play with her, it’s cool, right?) This kid corners him in the nursery to talk about his other sister.

Screenshot-932Finally high enough to learn the Elixir of Youth recipe! And, like a true veteran mom, goes to the most unlikely place to read it so that she won’t be interrupted. (Seriously, we have like 9 dining chairs, 4 stools, 3 couches, and 2 living chairs inside that she passed up to go and sit on the dark porch.)

Screenshot-933Welp, the elixir requires a butterfly that we haven’t seen, so off to the elixir shop to see if we can buy it. No green swallowtail there today, but we did see Simone…attempting to flirt with baby daddy #2 and failing. Poor girl can’t catch a break. (Perhaps baby daddy #2 is grumpy because she still has baby daddy #1 living in the house with them? LOL)

Screenshot-934Alisa scoops up granddaughter Deirdre (Simone’s girl from baby daddy #1…which I guess means baby daddy #1 is at home watching baby daddy #2’s baby while Simone & baby daddy #2 are out?) She attacks her with the Claw to distract from the fact that mommy can’t keep a man. LOL

Screenshot-935Back home (that night? Next night?), Mena is aging up.

Screenshot-936She’s a cute little ragamuffin. 🙂 I’ve decided that with bad apples, I’m going to let them keep whatever hair & outfits they age into, just recolored to match their favorite color (and so long as they’re not glitchy. No mantails or friar tuck toddlers for me.)

Screenshot-937And it’s Luca’s birthday too. Mom heads over to cheer him on.

Gah! Cutie!!

Screenshot-940He gained some trait that I’ve completely lost all recollection of (this is a pretty hot mess update as far as actual info goes, huh?) I’ll check it out when I can fire the game up next…but the real-life kids are home for holiday break, so it may be a bit.

Screenshot-942I think I took this one to show just how much he looks like momma.

Screenshot-944Anyway, with his LTW being something I can’t help with (he wants to be a DNA Profiler I believe), he moves out straight away. He managed to max a couple skills while here.
Luca: “Bye, anyone who might be watching!”

Screenshot-943Aw, look at Mena, getting some skill object work in! (I may have stored the toy box and block table in the attic so that she’d be more likely to do this.. hehe..)

Screenshot-945Mom was on her way to take Mena to the potty when… pop! Aww, a new (controllable!) nooboo is on its way.

Screenshot-947Still, gonna get the skilling done for this tot, hopefully before the new burrito gets here.

Shawn had one day left before he was going to turn into an elder. Alisa made him drink the one Elixir of Youth that she had found. She’ll continue to make time for life fruits daily until we can find that dang butterfly wing we need. Shawn was pretty excited to age down (and I left him hairy like the game seems to want him, but I did at least make it match his hair color instead of being super dark.) I also used the chance to finally give him outfits in his favorite color, which is white.

Screenshot-953Briar had a set of twins – Ray & Karie. (Kids 2 & 3 for her.) And at some point around now, her husband started up an affair with some elder lady. These poor girls can’t catch a break. Her and Simone and their collective 5 kids should just live together and swear off men. LOL

Screenshot-960Speaking of babies… it’s time for ours!
Shawn: “Eff that noise. I hung around last time. Not doing that again.”
And he peaced out, off to the back deck to make some drinks.

Screenshot-961Fee, who had been in her room painting, walked out in the hallway on her way to the bathroom. As soon as she entered the hall, Alisa stood up and gritted her teeth into a smile and waved til Fee was in the bathroom. LOL Apparently she doesn’t want to traumatize poor Fee again.

Screenshot-963Congratulations, it’s a boy! For the sixth time (hooray, at least halfway through with each gender!)

Screenshot-964Meet Nicodemus. He is Artistic and Excitable, and loves the color sea foam.


And I thought mantails were bad

Household recap:
Shawn (father/adult)
Alisa (mother/young adult)
Onyx (boy #3/teen/yellow)
Opal (girl #5/teen/turquoise)
Luca (boy #4/teen/spiceberry)
Prairie (girl #6/child/hot pink)
River (boy #5/child/violet)
Ophelia “Fee” (girl #7/toddler/blue)

To check up on those who’ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree.

Screenshot-817Gonna start out this chapter with birthdays!

Opal went first, sparkling into young adulthood.

Screenshot-821Here she is. *sings* “Isn’t she lovely.. isn’t she wonderful..” Hehe, sorry. The majority of the kids have had dad’s mouth and I believe ALL the others have had mom’s nose. They’re fantastic too, but I’m excited to see that the dad’s-nose-mom’s-mouth combo melds just as nicely. She rolls for trait and adds Neat to her list.

Screenshot-822Onyx was hot on her heels

A little sparkle, a little spin

Screenshot-829Pretty sure this is what boy Piper would have looked like. *hehe* I gave him a bit of stubble, just to make him not quite so baby-faced. He rolled and adds Family-Oriented to his trait list. He had met his Lifetime Wish, but Opal’s not quite there (they both wished to max 3 skills). She’s close though, so they’ll both stick around until she can max that painting skill.

Screenshot-830Mom asked her mini if he’d like to learn to drive. He agreed, and off they went.

Screenshot-831Once again, she manages the entire learn to drive thing with no issues (unlike Shawn who always ends up with the kid being brought home by the cops, somehow..)

Screenshot-833Graduation happened right away. Remembering the tanked moods that we had last time, I went ahead and had this be the one ride that everyone took in the motive mobile for this life stage – except Luca, who had spent all night learning to drive, so his teen ride was done. He had to take his own taxi. I got them there early so that we could take a family greeting card photo at city hall (I tried last time but it just did not work with the zillion people). We got that done, then switched into the fancy duds as other graduates arrived.

Screenshot-836Onyx: “Woot! Graduating!”
Random dude: “Booo, male pattern baldness looks awful on old ladies!” (Seriously game, mantails are bad enough on the guys, why did you give that lady that obviously male hair?)
And also, look at Ariana on the right looking all sweet at Onyx as he cheers. ❤

Screenshot-838River comes out of the ceremony and is apparently a DJ now? LOL

Screenshot-839Just because Luca’s handsome.

Screenshot-840Prairie’s a looker too.

Screenshot-841And Opal is so psyched to get her diploma that she punches her sister through the face.
Both twins graduated with Highest Honors. Onyx was Valedictorian and voted Most Popular, Opal was voted Most Artistic. Seems about right.

Screenshot-837Here’s the greeting card photo with kids 7-12. 🙂 I may try to have her invite kids 1-6 out to attempt a photo with them too even though they’re big.

Screenshot-849That evening, my camera was already on Fee, because she’s adorable.

Screenshot-850Then she stood up and started the sparkle-butt spin. I’m gonna miss her little smushy face, but I’m excited to see her as a child.

Screenshot-853Almost as excited as she is to BE a child. LOL

Screenshot-852Awww, and she’s still a cutie! She rolled up Daredevil and had a face that begged for glasses. Now what’s everyone else doing that she had to age up with no fanfare from family?

Screenshot-855River & Prairie have been engrossed in a chess battle for a while. It’s nearing bedtime, so I don’t know that they’ll get to finish.

Screenshot-856Alisa & Opal work on the portraits that had gotten started this morning (and also work on their final painting points). Opal’s portrait of Onyx looks to be fab, Alisa’s of Opal looks a bit dark & wavy by comparison. We’ll let her finish and see.

Onyx is off collecting gems for Alisa to cut/consign, since he’s already met his LTW.

Shawn is, most likely, dancing.

Luca is staring at a wall and thinking of Luca.

Screenshot-858Check-ins on another day. Fee’s still being all cute, and trying to show off her amazing block tower to the absolutely no one that’s around to look. Don’t worry, cutie, I was watching.

Screenshot-859Alisa went to cut & consign all of the gems that Onyx had found and ran across Piper.
Piper: “Mom!” *double finger gun*
You know, just a typical greeting. LOL

Onyx has invited Ariana over.
Onyx: “You’re a Cancer? YES! My astrologist said that’s a perfect match for me! Uh, I mean, yeah that’s cool. Speaking of stars, did I mention that I discovered a new one a few days ago? I named it Ariana.”
Ariana: “You named it after me? *swoon*”
Onyx: “Of course, you were the loveliest thing I could think of.”
And.. that’s enough of the mushy gunk. We’ll leave them to it.

Screenshot-864And Shawn hits the top level of firefighter while out here working out. I do make him finish out the day before peacing out and finding a new job.

Screenshot-865Alisa cannot do a decent portrait of Opal to save her life. LOL Here are tries #3 and 4 (#2 also looked like poo. The first was the best, but still looked like crap next to the other portraits we have.

Screenshot-866I have Opal start on a still life version of a self-portrait as a back up plan. It will be composed differently than the others, but better than all wavy. I’ll let Alisa try one more time.

Screenshot-868And looks like the fifth time’s the charm. LOL I’ll let Opal sell her Opal portrait then. (I had let Opal join the artist career. Despite me keeping half of her paintings because I love them LOL, she’s at level 6.)

Screenshot-870And with that, Opal maxes her painting skill. It’s her third skill to be maxed and so it’s also her lifetime wish fulfilled. 🙂 As soon as she’s done this painting, she and Onyx will be released to the town. (And you can see one of Alisa’s crap tries at an Opal portrait. I made her finish them all anyway. Practice makes perfect? LOL)

Screenshot-871And here you can see the inaccessible basement gallery. The kids get their portrait here, any field trip souvenirs, the useless imaginary friend dolls that I don’t want them to get to LOL, award ribbons for those who are in the house at time of graduation, and diplomas (admittedly someone else’s, but they all look the same) for those who had already moved out at graduation. I also have the prom crowns down here for those who got those, and am trying to decide whether or not to move the prom pictures down here. A couple kiddos didn’t get a prom from the first batch of six, and at least half of this batch of six will miss it too. Right now the prom photos are up in the study. This room is made to house exactly 24 portraits, so any excess kids will end up with displays in the center of the room (photos rather than painted canvases for them, probably, but we’ll see.)

Screenshot-872In case you wondered what career Shawn had signed up for, it was the military career. I figured I’d go obvious, since he was already working on building up that athletic skill. It paid off – he got a promotion the first day. This, of course, was cause for celebration – he headed straight home to dance his cares away.

Late that afternoon, the homework train was chugging through town. Fee was getting help from mom, River was over at a friend’s ignoring her and finishing his work, and Prairie had brought home a friend and they were working together. Luca had already finished his and was chatting.

Onyx wrote while Opal put the finishing touches on that painting.

Screenshot-881Hey look, River found the girl he went home with – she looks to have promise. (This is Margarita.. pretty sure he’s gone home with her before.)

Screenshot-882Finally the giant painting is done, and as Fee takes to an easel, Opal calls to find a place for herself & her twin to call their own. (Fee had rolled up “Illustrious Author” wish almost immediately on aging up to child. Maybe because of all the books she read? Dunno, but I locked it in. I’m going to see how quickly I can get that one. My painters seem to gain so slowly compared to painters in others’ games. At least she got a bit of a head start.)

Screenshot-883Opal: “Well Onyx, are you sad to be leaving?”
Onyx: “Nah, the computer broke here. Let’s roll.”

Screenshot-884I am a toddler-aholic, and so I like to try and pan and see the newly aged up babies whenever I can. When I clicked on this notification (for a toddler girl I might add), I found that my game is not just reserving male pattern baldness for the old ladies, but thinks it looks grand on the preschool crowd too.

Screenshot-885I didn’t have time to fix poor Baby Baldy there because my camera was yanked back home, where Prairie was breaking her knee. Er, having a birthday. Sorry for forgetting your birthday, little twins!

Screenshot-889And just to spite me, she aged up stinking gorgeous, and rolled up a trait that I can’t remember either. Friendly maybe?

Screenshot-892I went to hunt the house for River but didn’t see him. I clicked on him only to find I had still left him with Margarita. And apparently Margarita has the same birthday as he does, as she’s the teen in the background. (I was never so excited to see pigtails.. anything beats the Friar Tuck ‘do on a girl.)

Screenshot-897I rather like his looks as well. He rolls up Vehicle Enthusiast. I hope Margarita’s willing to compete with his car for attention. LOL

Screenshot-899Shawn (who has max handiness), whines about the broken dishwasher as he passes by and does nothing about it.

Screenshot-900Which is okay, because I’m pretty sure I heard chimes a couple hours ago 😉 and so I send the invincible Alisa to do the job.

Aaand, there we go. All caught up. 🙂 (Well, except for the points, but I’ll get to that. I may just do them on their own page so I don’t have to fuss each chapter.)