So birthday. Much festive. Very celebrate.

Household recap:
Shawn (father/elder)
Alisa (mother/young adult)
Primrose (girl #11/teen/aqua)
Hemlock (boy #12/teen/orange)
Ash (bonus boy/teen/green)
Boone (bonus boy/child/yellow)
Persephone (girl #12/child/lilac)

To check up on those who’ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree. Also, if you find yourself wanting a Murdle of your very own, up top at the Family tab is where you can grab .sim downloads of them once they hit young adult. πŸ™‚

Last time I tried desperately to remember what had been going on in my game when I took the screenshots. This time will be more of that. πŸ˜›

Behold, our beautifully balanced gallery. Each countable kid has a spot on the wall with a painted portrait. Mom & Dad are on the wall in the middle of the room. And then each of the bonus kids gets a table where I place a headshot photo taken with a cell phone.

I still haven’t looked, but I’m guessing one of Lakisha’s traits may be coward? She’s over here fretting about Bonehilda…and we don’t even have one.

Screenshot-2521One of the tots from last time grew up, so this cutie appeared instead. Might be Dexter’s kid? He had purpley eyes.

Screenshot-2522I figure I’ll move Lakisha out with Primrose soon (Prim’s LTW is a job one, so there’s no way I’m completing that for her), but in the meantime I send her to become a firefighter. Hm, so maybe there wasn’t a coward trait. (Or maybe there was and I just figured she could face her fear. LOL)

Screenshot-2523Aww, Ash. What’s wrong? Why so sad?Screenshot-2526Must have been because he wasn’t fishing yet. LOL

Screenshot-2527Boone. Srsly. Get a real friend. Don’t sneakily stay behind at school to whip this undeletable toy out.

Birthday time for Primrose!

Screenshot-2531Ta-da! Screenshot-2530
And the Stylist mode peek at young adult Prim proves she’s a looker. Mom’s eye & nose shape, dad’s face & mouth shape. She gains the Brave trait.

Screenshot-2533And then she whips around to cheer her triplet on.

Screenshot-2538Woot, way to age up, Ash!Screenshot-2536
Stylist mode pic of young adult Ash. I loves him so much. I’m pretty sure he’s just what Alisa would look like as a guy, but he’s got those crazy honey-colored eyes from somewhere way back (or just randomly, not sure.) He rolls and gets the Good trait.

Look, a picture of all the triplets. LOL Hemlock’s shoulder counts as being in the pic, right? (Not actually sure why I took this one, but here it is anyway.)

Screenshot-2540And finally Hemlock puts down his brush so he can age up as well. Mom bothers to cheer him on (she ignored the other two.)

Screenshot-2543And a trifecta of good-looking young adult Murdles is completed in one fell swoop.Screenshot-2541
Here’s his official picture. He too heavily favors mom. I gave him a little soul patch because he still looked like such a baby face. He rolled and gained the Technophobe trait. That’s okay, he only ever paints anyway.

Screenshot-2544And oh yeah. It’s Boone’s birthday too. He’s out on the porch star-gazing when the camera pans to him. I don’t even remember to put up the walls before taking the pic.

Screenshot-2546There we go, a teenage Boone. He gained the Hopeless Romantic trait. Poor thing.

Apparently his first act as teen was to head off and play whack a gnome.

Screenshot-2553Here’s Lakisha, making me jealous. I want a firepole. It would be so much more fun than stairs.Screenshot-2555And I’m no longer jealous. LOL The lazy is strong with me. πŸ˜‰ Oh, and since I had the game open to look up traits for all the birthday people up there, I checked Lakisha’s as well. Coward, Angler, Perfectionist, Over-Emotional, and Clumsy. At least she’s pretty. And all the young adults are now up for grabs on the Family tab. πŸ™‚

Shawn has so many skills maxed, I decide to have him work on a new one, painting.

Screenshot-2556Death fish from our stocked home pond. πŸ™‚

Screenshot-2557Screenshot-2558Prim heads off to finally win that gardening competition. I’ll be moving her and Lakisha out soon.

Sibling love.

Screenshot-2564I send the girls out to find potential mates before moving them out. Lakisha spots a redhead and takes the short route to friendship.Screenshot-2565Screenshot-2568Then they apparently flirt until she’s stinky. He accepts her kiss anyway.

Screenshot-2563Screenshot-2572Primrose chats up this fairy who moved to town around the same time her folks did. She doesn’t get as far as Lakisha, but close enough.

Screenshot-2575I caught this face on Ash. Why is he thinking of mom while looking betrayed?
Screenshot-2576A quick scan back to find Alisa and we find her and Persephone gossiping. Ugh, you guys. Be nice to my sweet little Ash! I love my bonus Murdle.

Screenshot-2618Here we have an idiot zombie politely waiting to attack Boone. I’m just gonna let Boone stay fishing instead.

Screenshot-2619Screenshot-2620Portraits of the two countable triplets? Checkaroo.

Screenshot-2621Screenshot-2622Persephone is a tiny little Iron Chef with that oven.

Screenshot-2623I can only assume that Boone got in trouble and Ash here is letting him off the hook.Screenshot-2624Boone’s face.. LOL It looks like he wants very much to share some choice words with his brother, but also doesn’t want to risk the whole letting off the hook thing.

Screenshot-2625Random sight around town – this dude aged up into headband hair. LOL Also, he’s unique looking and has no Murdle ties, so I decided that Primrose (who I moved out earlier) had just decided to be a single parent and this fellow was a donor. πŸ˜› (aka I Master Controller’d her a baby with him. This way she has a kid even if SP doesn’t pair her off officially)

Screenshot-2628Hemlock keeps changing into this outfit/hair instead. I keep changing him back. I eventually get too lazy to change him back, so this is here to let you know that it’s him if you see pics of a Murdle dressed like this.

Screenshot-2629Persephone had that lame sell a baked goods wish again. We went to city hall as I figured we’d be able to get the final family pic there when she sold her treat. Finally someone snagged one.

Screenshot-2630Only just in time. I forgot it was her birthday.

Screenshot-2631Half the town cheers her on.. lol..Screenshot-2633Shimmer sparkle..Screenshot-2634Ta-da! It’s a dark pic, but she’s pretty anyway. She rolls and gets the Savvy Sculptor trait, which I haven’t had yet.

Screenshot-2635Then Shawn & Alisa take a photo with the last four Murdle children to arrive.Screenshot-2636
It’s placed in the study along with a copy of each of the other family photos. Murdles through the ages. πŸ™‚Screenshot-2637
And we’ll end on this shot of Persephone, where you can actually kind of see her face. πŸ™‚ She wished up a LTW to be a Tinkerer (I think.. max handiness & logic), so I locked that in for her because it’s new.

Almost caught up to gameplay now!


We’re still alive

Household recap:
Shawn (father/elder)
Alisa (mother/young adult)
Primrose (girl #11/teen/aqua)
Hemlock (boy #12/teen/orange)
Ash (bonus boy/teen/green)
Boone (bonus boy/child/yellow)
Persephone (girl #12/child/lilac)

To check up on those who’ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree. Also, if you find yourself wanting a Murdle of your very own, up top at the Family tab is where you can grab .sim downloads of them once they hit young adult. πŸ™‚

Last time the worst driver ever got her license, Boone kept hiding to play with his imaginary friend, our baby from the past aged up and moved out, and so our couple took a romp in the future. This time will be a total surprise to all of us, since this gameplay is a month or two old and I remember nothing. Let’s see what we got.

Looks like we start off with a sim check. Dad’s working on alchemy because it’s one of the only skills he hasn’t mastered.

Screenshot-2434Mom’s still tied to the inventing bench so she can creep up that career.

Hemlock is painting.

Screenshot-2436Primrose is watching TV, gardening most likely, and waiting for another shot at that gardening competition.

Screenshot-2435Ash is – where else – fishing.

Screenshot-2439This time Boone’s fishing too. This is the “goldfish” side of the backyard pond though. Ash stocked up the other side with death fish, so that’s where he’s at.

Persephone is working on something at the chemistry table.

I almost forgot to send her to the gardening competition – AGAIN – so she went via LLAMA. Which apparently terrified her. Prim, you don’t have time to be scared of the fake TARDIS! Get a move on!

Screenshot-2443And so she does.

Screenshot-2444Ash heads off to the beach to fish for other varieties.

Screenshot-2446Boone is on the laptop doing something. Perhaps making internet friends instead of imaginary ones.

Screenshot-2447Screenshot-2448Persephone is rocking out some muffins.

Screenshot-2449How’d you do, Primrose?Screenshot-2451Ah. Not first place, I see.

Screenshot-2452Screenshot-2453Ugh, the “sell a baked good” wish is the worst. It takes so long. At least the kids are cute while waiting.Screenshot-2454I finally set everything to like a dollar. I’d pay someone to buy it if I could just to knock out that want. Thankfully, this lady buys something.

Screenshot-2455Screenshot-2457Screenshot-2459Screenshot-2460Screenshot-2461Screenshot-2463And then I go on a tour of the town as the sun sets because it’s purdy.

Screenshot-2458Ash remembers he has homework and sits down to do it in the last rays of the weekend.

Boone is hiding in the half bath to play with that toy.

Screenshot-2465Shawn & Alisa are boogeying down when the doorbell rings. They ignore it and continue dancing.

Who’s at the door? Why, the people dropping off toddlers for Shawn’s day care. LOL I can’t live without the toddlers and mine are all grown. Navy gives his parents an eye roll as he drops his daughter off.

Screenshot-2469Here she is. Her name is Rachael. She’s adorable.

Screenshot-2472And this is.. well, I can’t recall for sure. But I think it was a relative, and so it’s probably Piper’s great-grandson, Reinaldo. Yeah, there are Murdle great-great grandbabies in town. LOL Just a couple though.

Screenshot-2474Time for Boone’s ballet recital!Screenshot-2475Hurry up everyone, he’s getting all testing waiting on you.

Screenshot-2477Hemlock skipped the recital to stay over at this girl’s house. I’m blanking on her name. We’ll call her Caitlin. *shrug* He went home with her and I’m pretty sure that she is genetically linked to Poppy from my legacy story, so I approve. I queue up a bunch of friendly & romantic spam.

Screenshot-2479Later that night, while heading out for more deathfish, Ash comes across this lovely lady.Screenshot-2480They bond over mutual hydrophobia.Screenshot-2481Ash fixes her with an adorable look..Screenshot-2484…and swoops in for a kiss.Screenshot-2486Then he makes it official so story progression can’t pair her up with someone else, and I can send him off to get those deathfish.

Screenshot-2487Boone is busily searching the galaxy. He rolled a want to find 5 stars, so I have him on this any chance I can. I figure that will keep him away from his IF. LOL

Screenshot-2489Rachael is drug in, armless and through the floor, by a glitched up sim the next morning.

Screenshot-2491Screenshot-2493Cute toddlers are cute!!

Screenshot-2495Alisa is struck with the tragic clown curse on her trip through the LLAMA.Screenshot-2496Even made up as a clown she’s gorgeous. She downs a cure potion and is back to normal.

Screenshot-2497Mena comes running over to greet mom. Every. Time. πŸ™‚

Screenshot-2500I got an alert that Vera (one of Fee’s twins, the dark haired sim here.. who basically looks like Fee with black hair LOL) had finally gotten engaged to her girlfriend. I went to hunt them down. Aww, they’re adorable! I get probably more (good) updates about this couple than any other in my game so I was wondering when SP would get around to marrying them.

Screenshot-2501And then…look what comes backing out of our time machine! Our final Murdle!

Screenshot-2512And she’s old. 😯 Are all future babies old? I’ve only ever done the past, and they both came out as teen.Screenshot-2513Well, I can fix that right up. We’ve got a full set of potions, so here, take this young again potion.

Screenshot-2519Ah, much better.Screenshot-2517
Meet the final Murdle. She arrived with the name Lakisha, a love of the color blue, and five traits, none of which I remember. LOL I’ll add them on the family tab when I upload her.

For now, we’ll wrap it here. Woot, a new update finally! The Murdles continue on!

The land of make-believe

Household recap:
Shawn (father/elder)
Alisa (mother/young adult)
Primrose (girl #11/teen/aqua)
Hemlock (boy #12/teen/orange)
Ash (bonus boy/teen/green)
Boone (bonus boy/child/yellow)
Persephone (girl #12/toddler/lilac)
Homer (bonus boy/teen/yellow)

To check up on those who’ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree. Also, if you find yourself wanting a Murdle of your very own, up top at the Family tab is where you can grab .sim downloads of them once they hit young adult. πŸ™‚

Last time, nothing terribly exciting happened. Just a lot of aging up. I did remember to add Xavier to the Family downloads finally. This time we’ll start out with some pictures that will haunt your nightmares.

Screenshot-2386I call this series Primrose Learns to Drive, But Not Well. You’ll see we start off by having the motive mobile veer off the road.

Screenshot-2388The passenger wasn’t in the van at the time however. He was instead found hovering, unrendered, half a lot away.

Screenshot-2390The driver was even more horrifically unrendered, and somehow floating a distance behind the passenger and van.

She was given a license anyway.

Screenshot-2391And then when they got home, Primrose planted a booby trap on the computer.

Screenshot-2392Alisa had been behind a closed door in a completely different room, but you don’t become a mom to literally dozens of kids and not know when they’re up to something, so she comes to rip into Prim.
Alisa: “Primrose Murdle! What do you think you’re doing?! Who do you suppose is going to see that scary trap of yours? Who’s the one who’s trying to work from home all the time? Did you stop and think that he’s an elder now and his heart’s not as strong as it used to be? No, you didn’t think at all!”
Screenshot-2393This was handled gracefully as expected by our little hot-head.

Meanwhile, while they were screaming, Shawn (who had been in the same room) does not disappoint. He heads straight over to the computer, to log a few hours of work from home… and screams like a girl. Apparently Shawn is proof that you CAN have dozens of kids and not know when they’re up to something. LOL

Hm, this may have been her maxing the inventing skill? I know she’s not near the top of the career yet.

Screenshot-2396Last look at our last smush-face toddler. So bittersweet! Persephone spins & sparkles…
Screenshot-2398and ta-da! She’s a big kid now! With a big trait that I big-time forgot. πŸ™‚

Screenshot-2399A better pic of her. She does look different than anyone else, I think because she has dad’s nose but mom’s wider face shape. I know the only other girl to get dad’s nose was Opal, and she had a narrower face.

Screenshot-2400Working on knocking out wishes, Ash went to the cemetery down the road to fish for deathfish. To keep the curfew police happy, Shawn went along.

Screenshot-2401Success! And he immediately rolled a wish to catch a perfect one.

Screenshot-2402In the morning, Homer decides to try to fish too.

Screenshot-2403Ash is off to the beach to look for new, previously-uncaught types of fish.

Screenshot-2404Shawn’s still hanging at the cemetery, catching up on reading.

Screenshot-2405Alisa is chained to the inventing bench, making many floating ducks.

Screenshot-2406Hemlock checks to see if anyone noticed that mistake he just made when painting. (I totally did, Hemlock.)

Screenshot-2407Primrose was still asleep, so no pic there. And our two youngest appear to be bickering about something.

Screenshot-2408Ash is looking sassy while he snags these ocean fish.

Screenshot-2409Screenshot-2410Boone is adorable, catching those bandits (aka his sister I’m sure. LOL)

Screenshot-2411Persephone goes to grab some leftover steak for lunch.

Screenshot-2412PrimroseBoone moves on to less adorable things. Theoretically, he was coming out to seesaw with Persephone.

Screenshot-2413One of Primrose’s first wishes as a child was to win a gardening competition. Well, she’s finally old enough to enter, and it’s a weekend so no pesky school. I click to it to send her on her way….and apparently she decided to take a bike rather than taxi. She gets there after AGES, and is so eager that she runs THROUGH the gate without even waiting for it to open. Unfortunately it was all for naught.. too late. Competition is over. *sigh* We’ll try again tomorrow.

Screenshot-2415As for today.. it’s Homer’s birthday! Let’s see, what to wish, what to wish… (betting he wished his parents loved him enough to not leave him in a cave centuries ago).

Screenshot-2416A-ha, he wished for a less lame hairstyle. LOL

Screenshot-2417He got dad’s bountiful body hair though. LOL

Screenshot-2419Official young adult stylist mode pic of him. I left him in whatever he decided to wear.

Screenshot-2423Screenshot-2425Homer & Shawn have a, um, heartfelt good-bye where neither will even look at the other.

Screenshot-2426And with that, the baby from the past is released into the present to build a life for himself if story progression will let him. (And with a little help from me if it won’t, as I want each Murdle kid to have at least one baby. :P)

Screenshot-2432Boone & friend strike again. He always finds the most out of the way places to play with that thing so I don’t notice right away.. you know, like until Ash’s portrait is turning red from hunger and I click to see why he’s not just getting one of our billion leftovers from the fridge and.. oh. Because Boone needed to play with Riley RIGHT THERE.

Screenshot-2428Well, with one space empty in the house, and one more spot in the basement gallery room, I have Alisa & Shawn go for the matched set of time machine babies. They’re trying in the future this time.

Screenshot-2431Apparently the future does not take kindly to that kind of behavior. LOL I figure if this doesn’t work out, I’ll just bite the bullet and let someone turn their imaginary friend real and count that as the final Murdle, since I have all the ones needed for the challenge anyway. So I’ll leave you on that cliffhanger.. do we get a future baby, or do we have to put up with imaginary friendliness? And where has my motivation gone now that I’m this close to the end? (Seriously, in gameplay I have like FIVE SIM DAYS and I just can’t be bothered right now. Motivation, come baaack!)

Five times the birthday

Household recap:
Shawn (father/adult)
Alisa (mother/young adult)
Primrose (girl #11/child/aqua)
Hemlock (boy #12/child/orange)
Ash (bonus boy/child/green)
Boone (bonus boy/toddler/yellow)
Persephone (girl #12/toddler/lilac)
Homer (bonus boy/teen/yellow)

To check up on those who’ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree. Also, if you find yourself wanting a Murdle of your very own, up top at the Family tab is where you can grab .sim downloads of them once they hit young adult.

Last time Xavier aged up to be drop-dead gorgeous, the babies grew into adorable tots, and I decided to be all extra and we added another bonus “baby” thanks to Shawn & Alisa’s romp in the past via time machine. Homer appeared as a teen and while his favorite color is yellow, I just left him in whatever he showed up in.

Screenshot-2307We’ll start this update in my favorite way – with toddlers!

Screenshot-2308Persephone is getting skilled. Knocking out walking here…

Screenshot-2309…followed by pottying, and then immediately sitting and learning to talk. I love her little face. She looks a bit different than others, which is pretty impressive when you’re kid #26. LOL

Screenshot-2311I stopped toddler-gazing to check in with the others and found this: Shawn scolding Homer. I’m not sure for what.

Screenshot-2310And poor Homer looks like he might rather head back and take his chances with whoever was shooting arrows at him when he came through the time machine. I make Shawn let him off the hook since I don’t even know what he did, but also the poor kid just got here.

Screenshot-2312Persephone sneaks a moment to play in the toy box since she has learned all the basics.

Screenshot-2314Someone comes along and swoops her up and stuffs her into the crib despite her not being tired enough to sleep. I make them release her from captivity and she and Boone have fun with the toddler toys until they truly are tired. I have fun looking at the two of them since even though they have the same coloring, they appear to have different features. πŸ™‚

Screenshot-2315Prom is tonight (Xavier missed it by a day, the trips will miss it by a day the other way. Good thing Homer showed up. LOL) I was curious to see what Homer would wear as his formal wear – would it be throwback clothes as well? Nope, apparently he arrived with a powder blue tux. And also shaggy hair. Knock ’em dead, kiddo! (There was actually nothing of real note that happened at his prom.)


*breaks into song* This girl is on fire….
Alisa: “Um, a little help here.”
Fine. Go shower.

Screenshot-2323The next morning, Ash & Primrose are playing hopscotch. Prim steps on the square with the rock.
Screenshot-2324Ash, in true brother form, squeal with not-so-secret glee that his sister is losing. LOL

Screenshot-2331Screenshot-2334Screenshot-2335Adorable toddlers are adorable.

Screenshot-2336Soon though, Boone is scooped up as it’s time for his birthday.Screenshot-2340Ta-da!Screenshot-2342My brain is mush and I can’t recall what he rolled, but he gets both glasses AND freckles. (For anyone downloading my simmies, the freckles I use are just “costume makeup” so they won’t actually have freckles in their genes. Feel free to add if you wish. Or don’t. Or freckle everone, I don’t mind. πŸ™‚ I think in my game Alisa, Prairie, Elias, Toby, Ash, and Boone are the ones with freckles.)

Screenshot-2343These three were all at the school for something. Primrose’s scouting ceremony maybe?

Screenshot-2344The triplets were all in the study when it struck birthday o’clock.

Screenshot-2345The youngest triplet was the quickest to drop other actions from his queue and so Ash got to age first.

Screenshot-2348Still a cutie!

Screenshot-2350Hemlock went next. These guys pay no mind to birth order or to “ladies first.”

Screenshot-2352Ta-da! I believe he rolled Slob. He seems surprised.

No time to dwell on your newly teen-ified body, it’s finally Primrose’s turn to age!

Screenshot-2359She actually reminds me of Fee in feature-shape, but definitely different coloring. πŸ™‚

The boys were loaded into the motive mobiles and taught to drive as they immediately rolled wishes for.

Screenshot-2362Ash is back to spending all his time fishing

Screenshot-2363Primrose was chatting on the phone

Screenshot-2365Hemlock went to check out the tables full of fish bowls that suddenly appeared in the back yard. πŸ˜‰

Screenshot-2367I couldn’t see Boone, so I clicked to zoom to him and found him hiding in the bathroom so that he could play with the imaginary friend doll that keeps popping back into his inventory.

Screenshot-2369Hemlock: “Do you HAVE to wear that to school?”

Screenshot-2372Shawn made it! Top of the career!
Shawn: “And I can hold psychic conventions all around the globe now!”

Screenshot-2373Random descendant pic – I came across Toby & Belle Messorem’s girl, Jennifer. I gave her a 30-second makeover mainly just to give her freckles too. Touched no sliders though.

Screenshot-2374Shawn is sent off to hold his first psychic convention. I figure if it goes well, I’ll let him stay at this job the rest of the time.

Screenshot-2375Ash catches a shark and shows it off. With his bare hand.

Screenshot-2376Persephone is busy crushing gender stereotypes.

Screenshot-2377Boone was star gazing but then…shower? I don’t know.

Screenshot-2378I need to remember to look at Homer’s traits. He often changes into his formal outfit to go to his part-time job.

Screenshot-2379Speaking of jobs, I finally just accepted that the daycare career is borked for Alisa. No one has shown up since the triplets were born. Even with maternity leave adding up, it should have restarted. I’m too lazy to try switching lots or anything this late in the challenge. So she joins the inventor career. We’ll see how far she can get in that.

Screenshot-2381Welp, Shawn’s psychic convention sucked. LOL I’ll likely make him switch jobs too (we have a million simoleans, money is not an issue), but for now.. what’s this?Screenshot-2383He’s aging up to an elder! Thank goodness Eugenie (I think) had been randomly out & about and cheered her dad on.Screenshot-2385Here’s a real proper look at him. Don’t look so worried, Shawn. You make a cute little old man.

One of our founders is an elder, the other will age to adult soon. It’s getting so close, y’all! πŸ™‚

Who’s that guy?

Household recap:
Shawn (father/adult)
Alisa (mother/young adult)
Xavier (boy #11/teen/red)
Primrose (girl #11/child/aqua)
Hemlock (boy #12/child/orange)
Ash (bonus boy/child/green)
Boone (bonus boy/infant/yellow)
Persephone (girl #12/infant/lilac)

To check up on those who’ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree. Also, if you find yourself wanting a Murdle of your very own, up top at the Family tab is where you can grab .sim downloads of them once they hit young adult. πŸ™‚

Last time our final countable Murdle was born, and there was much rejoicing. (Not really, I just kind of dropped the news and ran because the update was long enough already. But I’m sure you filled in the rejoicing with your imagination.)

Screenshot-2236So the sun sets over a happy Murdle household as they know they’ve done their part to contribute to the vast overcrowding situation in Moonlight Falls.

And then I zip around town taking a million more sunset pictures, presumably because we don’t (yet) have toddlers at home for me to take snaps of and so I ignore the rest of my sims. I’m sure they’re fine, but I guess I’ll check in to be sure.

Screenshot-2244Oh look what we have here. It’s baby Boone dumped unceremoniously on the floor of the Lounge. *checks to see who brought him there* Shawn? Well Shawn can just take him right on home then.

Screenshot-2245And even though it’s only like an hour until he’d age on his own, I get him a cake. The sunset is gone, I’m ready for a toddler.

Screenshot-2247And so a toddler we have! Dressed in his yellow duds before the birthday derp face has even left.

Screenshot-2249There we go. Adorable even with uncrossed eyes.

Screenshot-2250And mom decides to sit with him in the puddle of amniotic fluid that’s still there from Persephone’s birth earlier that day and teach Boone to talk about bonfires.

Xavier’s being a fantastic sim and auto cleaning the potty.

Screenshot-2243One of the triplets had gone home with Elias’ son with Grace, so I swung by to have a look. Ooo man, Nathanael sure favors his mom, eh? Definitely has her jaw at least.

Screenshot-2253It must have been Hemlock who was over there. It was nearing curfew, so I sent him to the nearest LLAMA to port home. He came out as a tragic clown. *sigh* Mom’s training Boone so I send Shawn in to make the cure potion. He’s decently high in skill but hasn’t really USED the thing.

Screenshot-2254My boy Ash is.. still rolling wishes for fishes. By this point, he now wishes to “catch all types of fish” but he’s been working on his “catch X goldfish” wishes thanks to our stocked backyard pond. (It had goldfish, trout, and lobster in it thanks to Briar.)

Screenshot-2255Well. That could have gone better. *sigh* Try again Shawn. And your boy is getting Cured first, so the longer you muck it up, the longer it takes for you to get Cured.

Screenshot-2256Primrose is working on her wish to find a star. (She succeeded, and named it Moppet because why not.)

Screenshot-2257Clown! Birthday cake! And so much sadness.

Screenshot-2258In better news, Boone mastered talking and Alisa moved them out of the puddle of broken waters to teach him to walk.

Screenshot-2259Finally, Shawn was successful at making a Cure potion – a batch of 2, actually. Screenshot-2261One Cure potion was given to Boone. No more tragedy!

Screenshot-2262(small break because my boy Ash completed that “catch 5(? 10?) goldfish want” and looked adorable doing so.)

Screenshot-2263And Shawn was allowed the other Cure potion to de-frog himself, though the horrid memory is still fresh in his mind.

Screenshot-2264Primrose and a book. (*shrug* I’m sure it seemed significant at the time. Or maybe I’m just trying to make sure I show her as much as her brothers.)

Screenshot-2265Boone wrapped up walking, and with one final potty trip before bed, he has learned all of his skills in quick order. Woot!

Screenshot-2267And because it still hasn’t gotten old to me – look! All six kids sleeping peacefully at the same time! (I can remember when I had a real life infant, toddler, and child at once…this was a Big Freaking Deal, and I only had one of each at the time. LOL I think that’s why I feel so accomplished when my sims get it to happen too.)

Screenshot-2268The next morning, Hemlock & Shawn chat. I like to imagine that Shawn’s apologizing for making Hemlock be stuck as a sad sad clown for so long.

Screenshot-2269Primrose is chatting up mom, meanwhile. Cute!

Screenshot-2270Ash is tabletting (most likely setting up a tabcast. We tabcast all the time.)

Screenshot-2271Boone just got fed by Xavier.

Screenshot-2272Who then moved on to Persephone.

Screenshot-2273Later, Primrose throws a fit that the dirty muffin plate SHE wanted to wash is unreachable. Because it’s in the dishwasher, having just been placed there by Xavier.

Screenshot-2274Boone is cowboying his little heart out.

Screenshot-2275Prim decides to take out her frustration by beating Mom at a game. She chooses chess.

Screenshot-2276Ash heads to the beach to expand the variety of things he’s caught (and continues to roll nothing but fish wishes. Pretty sure he’s destined for the perfect aquarium wish.)

Screenshot-2277Toddler! Adorableness playing a xylophone.

Screenshot-2278Xavier plays with PersephoneScreenshot-2279And what even IS this expression? LOL He’s not being devious or evil or anything other than helpful and sweet towards his baby sister.

Screenshot-2280Hemlock give mom a hug, daydreaming of the day he becomes an illustrious author. (Which means you need to get a move on on your painting skill, buster.)

Screenshot-2282Primrose is still stuck with the wish to make a ninja vanish potion, because she made the imaginary friend one instead. Ugh. I mean.. yay, Prim, way to discover a thing for those creepy dolls I won’t let y’all touch!

Screenshot-2283*smooshes his widdle cheekers* Being a musical genius and having aced the xylophone like nobody’s business, Boone has moved on to the peg box.

Screenshot-2286Xavier has a birthday today!Screenshot-2290He ages up and who can remember what he rolled because his face was totally stealing the show.Screenshot-2288Official Stylist mode shot. I still think he looks quite a bit like dad-with-mom’s-coloring, but not exact enough for me to be sure (and I was too lazy to CAS him and check slider numbers). Whatever it is, it’s a nice combination.

Screenshot-2292One more birthday pic of him and I’m done. Promise. Despite his amazing looks, he didn’t stick around. I had Alisa paint his portrait and then moved him out to a sibling’s house to get established.

Screenshot-2294Boone is still plugging away at the block boxΒ  skill.

Screenshot-2296Alisa and Shawn made a little journey to the past.

Screenshot-2298And then, it was time for another birthday, for baby Persephone!

Screenshot-2300Shimmer-sparkle.. and she’s adorable too! I thought I got an un-crosseyed pic but I’m sure there will be more.

Screenshot-2301Boone! No! You put that thing down.

Screenshot-2304And what’s this?Screenshot-2305Why a Murdle baby from the past, of course. Meet Homer. Despite talking like a caveman (and referencing a cave) in the notification, he showed up dressed in medieval garb.

See, the gallery room has two tables for the “bonus” kids, and that left it looking all lopsided. It needs four tables to make my mind rest easy. I didn’t figure that time machine babies would have counted in the real total anyway, since the challenge is to RAISE the children, and these come out pretty much done. But they’d at least count to me, and it’d give me more chances for a red-head (which we didn’t get this time. Boo. We’ve had so few!)

And so with that, we’ll wrap for this time. Next time, likely more tot spam, more birthdays. That seems to be most of my story now. LOL

Wishing and skilling

Household recap:
Shawn (father/adult)
Alisa (mother/young adult)
Xavier (boy #11/teen/red)
Primrose (girl #11/child/aqua)
Hemlock (boy #12/child/orange)
Ash (bonus boy/child/green)
Boone (bonus boy/infant/yellow)

To check up on those who’ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree. Also, if you find yourself wanting a Murdle of your very own, up top at the Family tab is where you can grab .sim downloads of them once they hit young adult. πŸ™‚

Last time everyone aged up, Dexter & Eugenie moved out, and we tried again for the final girl.. and got another bonus boy. πŸ™‚

Screenshot-2173Primrose rolled a ton of potion wishes – discover a potion, make a ninja vanish potion, and (the moment I let her touch the potion table) discover all potions. So off she goes. I don’t remember what this is, but it’s not ninja vanish.

Still, her one non-potion wish was to play chess, so I figured we’d knock that out too. She gets her game face on and rolls her LTW to be a brain surgeon or whatever the medical one is. Alright, you haven’t even had your first day of school yet, but who am I to say you don’t know what you want to be? *locks it down*

Hemlock is busy painting. He honestly wishes for nothing now. He is the least wish-rolling sim I’ve ever had. I don’t remember at what point he rolls his LTW, I think it’s in a sim day or two. And it’s Illustrious Author. I lock it anyway, even though it’s one I’ve done a thousand times in this challenge.

Screenshot-2165My sweet little Ash has checked the baking report and made some muffins.Screenshot-2166
After this, he’s off to start on some fishing wishes he has. Since one triplet has a job-level LTW, one has the LTW that like a third of these kids has wished for, I’m making him choose one later based on whatever types of little wishes he rolls for most. So we’ll wait and see.

Screenshot-2176Dexter’s portrait turned out better than Eugenie’s. This bothered me, so Alisa called her over so she could try again. LOL While here, Hemlock runs up to pull faces at her.Screenshot-2178And she does them right back. I love this sibling-y picture. πŸ™‚

Screenshot-2179Ash went off to try and catch a fish.. and promptly fell on his patoot on the cast. It’s okay little man. No one saw. Except me. And now the internet.

Screenshot-2183But he try-tries again, and is much more successful.

Screenshot-2184School time for all the school-aged kids

Screenshot-2186This means grown-up time for the grown-ups *eyebrow waggle*

Screenshot-2189A little magic in the wardrobe. πŸ˜‰

Screenshot-2190Double finger guns from Shawn earns giggles from Alisa.Screenshot-2191It would appear that trying for a baby inside a wardrobe is great stress relief (I can’t imagine it being anything but awkward at best.)

Screenshot-2193Then it’s off to work… like a boss.

After school, Xavier goes off to collect butterflies for an opportunity.

Screenshot-2200Ash is…wishin’ for fishin’. πŸ™‚ He wished to catch a gold fish, then once he caught it, he wished to catch a death fish. LOL That escalated quickly. Got a ways to go before you can catch one of those, little guy. But we’ll lock it in and work on it.

Screenshot-2201Baby Boone is still here, still rather meh as sim babies often are.

Screenshot-2202Trying to finish off some skills.. tabcasting guitar while reading an alchemy book.

Screenshot-2203Hemlock’s turn to wish to bake something.

Screenshot-2207Xavier is doing nothing special, but I still think he’s handsome.

Screenshot-2208Loves for the little one.

Screenshot-2210I realized I hadn’t taken Primrose’s picture and went to find her.. she never came home. She had wanted to sign up for an afterschool activity. I had her choose scouts, and then she didn’t come home after that. Just sat here reading her logic book. LOL

Sh-pop! Alright, third time’s the charm for girl #12, right? Alisa popped into the sweats trimmed in pink. That’s a sign, right?

Screenshot-2213Xavier is taking to the treadmill about as well as I do. Except a little better because, you know, he’s ON the treadmill.

My poor baby Ash zips home in the LLAMA and is tragic-clownified. All the times I’ve used that sucker, this is the first time I’ve seen this happen. He settles in to do his homework anyway.

Screenshot-2216Alisa: “So Hemlock, you’re going to have another new baby sibling!”

Seriously? The thumbs ups start early.

Aw, but then he rubs the bellybean.

Screenshot-2220When Ash is done with his homework, I send Alisa out to chuck a Cure elixir at him.
Ash: “There’s not…water in that jar, is there?”
Nevermind the shards of glass, my hydrophobe is worried that the couple ounces of liquid will be his death.

Screenshot-2222Ash: “I sure am tired. I know what would really help ease me off to dreamland, mom..”

Screenshot-2225Yeah, he asked for a bedtime story. And I let him, because for cuteness sake this is adorable! Alisa read to him from a baiting technique book until he passed out.

Screenshot-2227And then she apparently decided during kid #26 is the time to start watching your figure, as she rolled a wish to learn athletic.

Screenshot-2228Later, after everyone heads to school, Alisa waddles out to the back deck and releases the great flood – er, goes into labor.

Screenshot-2230Oh hallelujah, thank the heavens above. Final needed Murdle is here!

Screenshot-2231Meet Persephone. She loves Lilac (lavendar? Whatever the light purple is called), and has two traits that we’ll learn next time when I fire up the game again.

And we’ll call it there for now. Next time I’m sure babies will age into tots, and I’ll likely take way too many pictures of Ash again. (I’m terrible at being impartial to my simmies.)

To be a master

Household recap:
Shawn (father/adult)
Alisa (mother/young adult)
Dexter (boy #10/teen/white) – β€œbad apple”
Eugenie (girl #10/teen/white)
Xavier (boy #11/child/red)
Primrose (girl #11/toddler/aqua)
Hemlock (boy #12/toddler/orange)
Ash (bonus boy/toddler/green)

To check up on those who’ve already moved out, you can view the Murdle family tree. Also, if you find yourself wanting a Murdle of your very own, up top at the Family tab is where you can grab .sim downloads of them once they hit young adult. πŸ™‚

Last time we gained three kidlets, bringing our total to 24 kids – only 23 countable though. This time, we’ll jump right in with some birthdays.

Screenshot-2081Dexter & Eugenie are going first

Shimmer, sparkle, and poof! My “little twins” are all grown up now too.

Screenshot-2082Dexter rolls and adds Good Sense of Humor to his trait list, and decides to grow up into these awful overalls. He’s stuck in them in my game because of the rule I made for myself about leaving the bad apple clothes alone, but if you download him, feel free to get him out of these. LOL

Screenshot-2094And Eugenie rolls and adds Supernatural Skeptic to her trait list. I don’t think I’ve ever used that trait so we’ll see what it does. She’s sticking around a bit to finish off that Chess Master LTW. (Dexter’s LTW was to become a Superstar Athlete. We’re not keeping him long enough for that.)

Screenshot-2097Quiet little Xavier is up next.

Screenshot-2106“How you doin’?” LOL

Screenshot-2107He does turn out to be a looker… and still seems like he’s dad’s feature-shape with mom’s coloring. He rolls and gains the Eccentric trait. (A couple days in, he did roll the LTW Paranormal Profiteer. I locked it even though I won’t be able to do it for him, just because at least it’s something new.)

Screenshot-2089Screenshot-2100Screenshot-2108Ash, Hemlock, and Primrose are still here, still skilling, and still just slaying me with adorability.

Screenshot-2117Eugenie had invited Prairie over to trounce her in a chess match, then she cornered her to bitch about floofy unicorns. Guessing this is a Skeptic thing? Anyway, the mirror over the fireplace made this picture perfect because you can see Prairie’s “oh ffs” facial expression. *hehe*

And now back to tot spam in triplicate. *hehe*

Screenshot-2118Before moving Dexter out, Alisa made sure to get a family photo with kids 19-24 (well, countables 19-23, plus a bonus cutie.)

Screenshot-2119For Dexter (and eventually Eugenie), I made them a cute little white duplex.Screenshot-2120
Each side has 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a small kitchen/dining/living space, and a private patio for lounging.

Dexter rang up the realty service and asked to move into the new duplex in town. Bye, Dextor! You were, at worst, a mediocre apple.

Screenshot-2122Eugenie had to crush Luca, who did not make it easy on her. (I think he won twice before she finally beat him.)

Screenshot-2123Xavier was doing stuff on the computer. Games? Chatting? Writing? Signing up for extracurriculars? Who can remember? Not me.

Screenshot-2128And THIS is him “learning to drive.” Grrrr.. see the skill bar over his head? His queue still says “learn to drive.” However, you can see Alisa back at the far end of the bridge while Xavier’s just hoofing it to God knows where, and neither one are in a vehicle any more. I’m going to guess this is the reason half my kids get brought home by the psychic curfew police in the middle of their learn to drive interaction…because I don’t have time to babysit and watch them to make sure they’re actually IN the car the whole time. I was able to get Alisa to run after him and he didn’t go too far, then I had her re-ask if he wanted to drive. Lame. I’m counting it as the same trip in the van.

Pretty Eugenie.Screenshot-2130And Eugenie’s prom date Pablo was down the street at the lounge, all aged up. So she took a break from chessing to go reacquaint herself with this tall glass of handsome.

Screenshot-2131I checked on the babies and found a room full of cuteness.

Screenshot-2133I shoved Ash back on a pegbox though so he could keep skilling too. And around here I realize that even though Alisa changes clothes at 9 on work days, and her career meter says “on the clock”, no one has been showing up. I hypothesize that maybe the game doesn’t have people bring their toddlers because we HAVE three toddlers. But they age up tomorrow, so no big deal. I’ll try and get them to age as soon as we get the pop up at 7am that today’s the birthday, and maybe we’ll be able to have a daycare day.

Screenshot-2134And since Dexter’s gone, we’ll try and knock out the having of the next kid too. (Remember, 1 day = 1 year in my game, so pregnancy is about 24 hours.)

Hemlock has finished all skills and is moving on to the books. Ash & Primrose will soon join him.

Screenshot-2137This poor houseguest. Eugenie invited her over, immediately kicked her butt in chess, and now all she wanted to do was go to the bathroom in peace but Shawn won’t leave her alone. Alisa’s in there because she’s nauseated and needs to hurl.. never mind that there are three other UNOCCUPIED bathrooms.

Screenshot-2138Ah, and now we see the pop. Whatcha think.. does she look like she’s carrying a girl or a boy? LOL

Fee strikes a pose for me is the next ranked chess opponent invited over by Eugenie.

Screenshot-2141Correction: was the FINAL ranked chess opponent. You’re looking at a Grand Master, right here. Thug life. She is quickly moved out and into her duplex.. and just as quickly she marries and moves in with Pablo. Shortly after, Dexter moves in with…some other Murdle sibling, I think, and so the “twins’ duplex” didn’t even have them live in it together for 24 hours, and now has neither of them. LOL

Screenshot-2143All the world’s trio of cutest pixel babies are now reading.. πŸ™‚

Screenshot-2145And now the world’s cutest trio of pixel babies is having a birthday!

Screenshot-2146Hemlock is up first.
Screenshot-2147He rolls for a trait and like Dexter a few days ago, he gets Good Sense of Humor.

Screenshot-2148Next is Primrose.
Our sweet little girl rolls Hot-headed.

And finally, my boy Ash.Screenshot-2155
He rolls up Bookworm and therefore becomes even more precious in my sight.

It was too late for them to head off to school that day, so they each went out to take whatever skill class they rolled a wish to learn. (And I realized as I hung Eugenie’s portrait that I had forgotten to paint Dexter’s. You can see his awful overalls there on the porch since Alisa had invited him over so she could paint him.)

Screenshot-2159She didn’t get too far into painting before…it was baby time! I was pretty sure this meant the possibility for this being a daycare day was a wash, but that was okay because my final girl was on her way.

Screenshot-2160Just, ya know, not yet. ROFL Meet Boone, bonus boy #2. Like the triplets before him, he is also Hydrophobic, and he’s a Virtuoso. His favorite color is yellow, but I’m too lazy to do anything while he’s in screaming meatloaf stage. He’ll get his color when he hits toddler. πŸ™‚

And we’ll wrap things there for now! 2 grown and moved out, birthdays (or birth days) for everyone else. Still one away from what we need.